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Discussion in 'Welcome to the DIS' started by joannesara, Feb 3, 2009.

  1. joannesara

    joannesara Earning My Ears

    Jan 14, 2009
    I have a few questions
    I am going to be going to WDW in July 27 it is really 4 full days. Is it possible to do MK one day Epcot and say MGM one day and AK and one day and go to Sea World one day.
    I know I have so many silly questions, but this is my first real vacation with my hubby and daughter.
    I booked my trip through a travel agent so do I assume I have transportation from the airport to WDW.
    Also how would I go about getting a car for Sea World, do I do that now or when we get to Florida?
    Thanks so much!
  2. DL55

    DL55 More time than money

    Oct 12, 2007
    :welcome: to the DIS!
    How many days are going to be in Florida? It is hard to see MK or Epcot in one day. In fact it would probably ruin the fun as you would be too tired to enjoy your vacation. Most people suggest at least two days for each. DHS and AK can be seen in one day each.
    As for transportation, ask your TA to make sure. We always book a car for all week so I'm not sure how easy it is to book once you arrive. I'm sure someone will let you know.
    Just remember not to try to see "everything" in one trip...it's impossible. :lmao:
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  4. Metro West

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    Apr 12, 2005
  5. Heluvsme

    Heluvsme DIS Veteran

    Mar 27, 2007
    Is it possible? Sure! With good planning! Will you miss some things? Yes, but that's all the more reason to return at a later date.

    You can do MK in one day, and if you join Tour Guide Mike's site, he has great 1 day itineraries. You can also do Epcot in one day, but just be prepared for a full day of walking and know that there are inevitable some things you will miss, but it can be done and you can hit all the 'must-do's' at the park. Utilize the FastPass system, and get there prior to rope drop!!

    AK and Disney's Hollywood Studios can be done in a single day also, again, just plan it out, know what's important to you and your family to see, and plan on an early morning, and possibly a late evening.

    Magical Express is the bus transporation system used to transport guests from the airport to WDW, so my guess is yes, you will be using ME. Your travel agent should be giving you the ME tags to put on your luggage to that the ME agents know to put your luggage on their buses once you land in Orlando.

    You can call one of many car companies for transportation (see the Transportation board here on the DIS) to Sea World, or, I believe there are pick up and drop off spots for Sea World and you can use SW's bus transportation. I'm not sure on that last point, but I think it's still in place.

    Have a great trip, and remember it can all be done, it just takes good planning!!
  6. DWFan4Life

    DWFan4Life DIS Veteran

    Jan 7, 2009
    Welcome to DISboards. Yes, you can do what do you want. Having a great plan, it's possible. :thumbsup2

    Have a nice and safe trip coming. :)
  7. JDinCO

    JDinCO Mouseketeer

    Jan 7, 2009
    Welcome! These folks know what they are talking about.
  8. MarkinNM

    MarkinNM NO SOUP FOR YOU!!!!

    May 28, 2003

    to the DIS!
  9. mooneyda

    mooneyda Mouseketeer

    May 24, 2008
    Welcome to the forum.. I think it is you will miss some stuff but if you hit the high light rides and attractions.
  10. howlettspitbulls

    howlettspitbulls Earning My Ears

    Feb 7, 2009
    howdy joanne!
  11. tiggerfan1

    tiggerfan1 DIS Veteran

    Nov 10, 2007

    Like a previous poster said, it can be done with careful planning! You should have a list of "must-sees" for each park so that you can get the most out of each day. Good luck with whatever you decide and have a great trip! :)

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