Heres a funny question! What do you like most about...


Disney Princess
Oct 22, 2000
The DCL busses? You know, the ones that you use to get to the ship.

IMO, I like the movie and the fact that the bus has HUGE picture windows so you can see the Magic/Wonder as you approch it.
How bout everyone else?
What a great question! And one that's been lurking around in my brain too! Kinda existentialist (sp?) answer but I like them because they ARE! I can't really explain but we used to see them when we were at WDW with the art deco style and imagine being on them going off to a great sea adventure. When we did our first land/sea cruise, I can't describe how we felt to be boarding that wonderful bus at the Poly - we were the chosen!

On our third cruise in Aug we're driving to port and I know that we'll have a fabulous time but I'm already missing the feeling of being on that bus and knowing that others are looking at it and wishing they were in our place! (OK, I'm a selfish egomaniac - I confess! BTW I want a copy of the video they show on the bus!)
Originally posted by TartanFan

I want a copy of the video they show on the bus!

Ah, but if they made that video available, there'd be no reason for some folks to choose the bus over a town car if they were sitting on the fence with their decision.
But if we hadn't left the video camera at home last time, I could've video'd the video (?!) and replayed it on our drive! LOL!! Actually, didn't matter - it was the Eastern last time and we're doing the Western next time! Darn - we'll have to book another two to get the videos of the videos of both! Life's a b****!

We have a part of the video on our first 7 day cruise tape! Hubby taped it to start our vacation memmories tape. I love it.

My favorite part of the bus drive is when the driver announces "when you look to the left folks, you can see the Magic!" Hearing the ooh's and ahh's when you drive over the last big hill and you can see the Magic for the first time! I still remember how we felt seeing the ship for the first time. It is huge. Kathy


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