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Discussion in 'Theme Parks Attractions and Strategies' started by Partridge4ever, Feb 8, 2004.

  1. Partridge4ever

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    Apr 17, 2000
    We'll be at Disney Feb. 26-March 1 for my daughter's 8th birthday. We also have a DD4, finally 40 inches tall!! We're staying at WLV. We've been many times before and will be back, so we're concentrating on favorites. I'm having trouble w/our itinerary and would appreciate suggestions. We're trying to do each park the day after early entry, except for MK Thursday. We're not early risers, but we can usually make it to a park by 10 am w/o DH grumbling too much. We've never stayed at WLV, so I want to see ELP from the resort and would like to do the campfire. If the kids are tired, we may skip some of the evening activities.

    Thurs. Feb. 26--MK early entry--We drive through the night and will arrive at 6:30 am. The kids and I sleep the whole way.
    6:30 pm leave MK
    7:30 birthday dinner at Whispering Canyon---I wanted lunch to save money, but I hate to waste time traveling from park to hotel to park. I also wanted Friday, but it's during Lent and we want ribs! I don't like having this on the first night because we might be tired from traveling, but I can't seem to get it to fit.
    8:30 swim (bedtime for DH)
    9:35 ELP

    Fri. Feb. 27 Epcot
    If by some miracle, there's a last minute e night, we'll leave Epcot in time for that. Otherwise, we'll do the campfire at Fort Wilderness.

    Sat. Feb. 28 Animal Kingdom
    4:30 leave for Spectro/fireworks at MK

    Sun. Feb. 29 MGM
    7 pm Fantasmic (really want to do this because we were rained out last trip)
    walk to Epcot for Illuminations

    Mon. Mar. 1
    swim at hotel
    11 am leave for home
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    Apr 18, 2003
    I guess if you want to see all 4 parks in the time allotted you would have to go commando style on them. But I would still think about taking a break midday for a couple of hours. It is totally worth it. When I planned my family trip in 2000, we did the whole day thing. Problem was by about the 4th day, we were absolutely exhasted and didn't enjoy Epcot at all. We were snapping at each other. And the youngest in our group was 11.

    You could even switch things up a bit. Do like MK in the morning, then Epcot/MGM in the evening. Just a thought.


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