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Discussion in 'Disney Resorts' started by Flyerfan, Mar 4, 2013.

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    DH and I are taking our 10th trip to WDW in May and I keep going back and forth with my resort plans. I originally booked CSR because we never stayed there before and I thought it would be a nice change. Then I changed the reservation to POR because we always loved that resort. Being former DVC members, we missed SSR so I changed it again to a SSR studio (and in turn, spending a lot more). Now, after realizing just how much we would be spending, I am thinking about changing back to POR to save money.

    The reason we like SSR is because it provides a kitchenette, sitting area and balcony so when we are in the room, it feels slightly less like a "room"...not much, but a little. And we love the resort and walking to DTD. But we love POR and the boat to DTD. I just can't decide if SSR is worth the money for those perks. And CSR would feel like a change but I'm not sure we'd like that because we love the DTD area. We are walkers and love the large resorts and each one of them offer a lot of walking.

    DH is no help because he leaves it up to me. He doesn't care either way, however, I do think he likes SSR a bit more. The part about it costing more doesn't seem to bother him so much.

    So, I would like your thoughts on all three, please.....CSR, POR or SSR.
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    well if you stick with SSR would rent a reservation thru a member or a broker instead of going with Disney rates.

    that say since you have not done CSR might go there. You might enjoy it. not only is walking possible at the resort - but if you want you can walk to the All stars - with blizzard beach and macdonald along the way.

    besides with me - would spend money at DD - so best not near it
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    I'd rent points for SSR too. You can probably get it cheaper than a moderate through Disney. I've seen some great last minute deals for SSR through Dave's if you get his emails.

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