Help!! adding a child to our already booked flight

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  1. SleepingAriel28

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    Oct 30, 2008
    Hello Everyone,

    We have been planning to go to DL in August for some time we have everything all booked a train down to Cali and a Flight back but the problem is that we were gonna take our nieces next year to Disney but because of a few announcements you have made (ABD and Not-podcast cruise) those plans have been scratched in favor of them. So now in order to full fill my promise to take them to Disney we are gonna add them to our already planned trip to DL. The problem is that they are 12 and 10 and we need to buy them a one way ticket on Amtrak and a one way ticket on our Flight home. they are not unaccompanied minors since we will be there too but I just am not sure how to buy them there tickets without paying that unaccompanied minors fee.

    Any suggestions or advice would be great

  2. QueenDoOver

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    Jan 24, 2009
    When booking you should be given the opportunty to link to an existing adult reservation. We just did this on Southwest online with no problem. If you can't do it online, then call and they can do it for you.

    Have fun! My Northwest family is off to DW in August.


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