Having a Whinge cos I can't sleep


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Aug 7, 2001
My DS - Zach(6) has just been statemented - well we got the draft statement thro anyway. Except they (LEA) left the school blank and gave us a form to fill in to say where do we want him to go. So I rang his present school - he has only been going since last term and was really upset by the H.mistress. She's normally been really nice and helpful but this time it was - well i don't think our school is really the right place - but she sounded really snippy about it instead of her usual nice self.
We had a meeting at the school a while back and they were all saying how Zach would be better off at a special school as they couldn't cater for his needs. And then his class teacher put in about his pictures being published in a magazine in barcelona to celebrate the Year of Philosophy???

Sometimes I just want lay down and cry - He is just a little boy for g**s sake. He has a few emotional and attention problems but surely he's not that bad.
Then my Dad watched some programme about exorcism and promptly suggested that - AAAAGH!!! He thinks it's sooo funny!

Dh is always going nuts about him, especially as he is stepson and he did cause major rows - not now since we have had loads of heavy talks and decided to pull together.

He is still only attending for 1 1/2hrs per day which is a major drag as it is nearly a mile and a half there and I don't drive so I can't go to Mums and toddlers with Danny (20mths), or swimming etc etc and since moving away from all my mates I can't make any more as they all take one look at Zach zipping around the place and runaway screaming - LOL.
I was due to start college this year but have had to put that on hold as well until we can sort him out into full time education.
So no work, college, Mothers groups etc - I am soooo lonely. Dh has to work most evenings and weekends as he is Fundraising manager for a charity. No wonder I'm on prozac!!!

the upshot is we have put him down for the local special needs school - and am praying that this will be the answer.

Pixie Dust please??
Sorry - meant to post on the dis ABILITIES board - can someone move this for me
i will spread some pixie dust and prayers for you and your family.
god bless
I can give you a {{{{{HUG}}}}} and some pixie dust, elise. :)

I hope he gets accepted into school and you get a chance to get out and meet some new friends. :)

Here's some m ore pixie dust for you (extra strength stress relieving variety).
I hope things settle down for you all soon. I'm not sure how much help I can give you since the system in the UK is different than in the US. At least I can offer {{{{hugs}}}} and pixie dust and a warm welcome here with your problem.
Now, I hope you can get some sleep, 'cause it sounds like you need some sleep.
Pixie Dust, {{{{hugs}}}}}, and a cyber-shoulder-rub...

you need a vacation, dear.
I am also sending some Pixie Dust and a (((hug))) I hope everything gets worked
out for your sons schooling and that you get some much needed time for you.

Thanks guys,
just one of those nights I guess.

Well only 22 days to go now until our vacation and boy do i need it. As a late anniversary surprise pressie for DH, I've booked our last night at HRH - club room. Our flight isn't until early evening so I intend to make full use of all the facilities including Club Li'l Rock for Zachie.

I think, actually, the pressie is more for me really, but hey I got a new Iron last year for my birthday from him. 'To make the laundry easier dear' !!!

It's half term break now so no school for 9 whole days - ICK - Luckily my Mum and Dad are going to have him for about 3 of them and I have an AP for Warwick Castle so that will keep him happy as they do loads of treasure hunts etc when the schools are out. Then there's the Library, Museum, Art gallery etc. If all else fails the BBC are launching 2 new digital channels just for kids.

elise I do hope the new school is able to help him.

My 7yo DD was asked to leave 2 pre-schools before she was 5. We put her in a special needs school and were able to determine that the problems she had were a combination of a learning disability, high activity level and her way of dealing with things. She spent 2 1/2 years there and they did so much to teach her how to deal with her frustrations and how to act appropriately in a school environment.

She transferred to a regular public school and is now main streamed except for a special reading class and a few modification. It was a tense couple of months but she has been doing really well. No meltdowns or anything out of the ordinary for her age.

It does get better. Recognizing there are problems and getting help are the first steps.

{{{HUGS}}} for you and lots of pixie dust. Hope you have a very magical trip!


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