Has anybody ever done both parks in one day??


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Jan 11, 2001
I was curious how many people do this just to save an extra day at Disney. I really don't want to put aside 2 whole days at Universal. Not sure if that will be jamming too much into 1 day. Do you think it can be done?


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Feb 25, 2000
Well isn't that just part of our charm? Most people don't even suspect that a default day away from Disney can result in an entirely different take on the situation. Some find that they should have planned a few days to experience Universal in whole. Others who have mastered things can certainly move through the parks in one day, but probably have taken the time before to immerse themselves in the whole thing. Both parks can be done in one day, although very quickly, and you will undoubtedly miss things along the way.


Mar 16, 2001
Heaven forbid, you should schedule an entire day away from Disney....
If you only want to spend one day at Universal, then I would suggest you pick either IOA or Universal Studios to tour.
Bet if you only schedule one day, you'll be wishing you had scheduled at least two!!

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Dec 26, 2000
Especially if you have never been to the parks, or haven't done everything before, you should devote an entire day to each park. Ideally, you should devote one entire day for each park and a third day to revisit favorite attractions. We are allocating 4 days for US/IOA during our next trip. Last time we had three days, and there were still things that we didn't get to do.


Dec 2, 1999
went to US/IOA one day---so we only got to Hulk, Dudley Do-Right, Jurassic Park, & Spiderman in IOA-------Men In Black, Back to the Future, Jaws, King Kong, Twister & Terminator in US.

We went to early entry that day and rushed from one ride to the other, did not get to shop, eat any snacks, etc, or enjoy the atmosphere.

Ate at Jimmy Buffets before leaving for the day.

My point is, you can probably do it, but you won't do it justice.

This year (in 20 days!!) my DH and I are staying by Universal Studios to spend most of our time there, and only going to Disney World one day! Imagine that!! ;-}

Have a do da day!

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Feb 6, 2001
We did it the first week of December. Hit US in the morning, did every ride except for Jaws (closed), ET and the Woody Woodpecker roller coaster, left for IOA, did Hulk, Spiderman, Dr. Doom, JP, Cat in the Hat. Went back to US after IAO closed and did ET and Woody a few times. We did more that one day then the other days at Disney...and the kids liked it better. I never thought that would happen. When we go back in October, we are staying at HRH and doing 2 days Universal and 2 days Disney using our hoppers to split it. The point is, depending on the time of year and the crowds, it can be done.


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Sep 7, 1999
I agree with everyone, it CAN be done but what you'll miss will make it sort of a lost cause...

I've done the one park in the morning and one park in the afternoon thing due to time restraints but I've already done both parks to the max. So I can hit what I live the most and be quite happy.

But I always leave knowing I missed alot.


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Nov 18, 2000
I think that you need at least two days especially at busy times. We used a three day pass last year over Easter and loved it so much I would have been happy to do another day. IMHO I would be more likely to lose a day at Disney than a day at Universal.

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We went to IOA in the morning and Universal in the evening. We rode all the big rides and had lunch at Confiscos. Then went over for the shooting of the NIck show called Tiana. We rode Men in Black and I think Twister. It can be done. Especially if you stay onsite.


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Sep 17, 2000
<font color=9900FF>We did it! It wasn't crowded the day we went last month, and we were able to get everything in! There were no lines to speak of, otherwise, I think it might be hard to do both in one day. Islands of Adventure was so awesome, I will give it a whole day next time I go.</font>

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Aug 26, 2000
I was just there 2 weeks ago chaperoning a senior trip and i got both parks done with time to spare.
I rode hulk 7 times, spiderman 2 times and dueling dragons 6 times along with riding everything else in the park 1 time. Then i went over to usf and rode everything 1 time except men in black(2 times).The only show i saw though was the Blue Brothers.Then i sat and rested 1 hour before mardi gras. The key is to get there at opening time(not 10 min. late), keep moving, use the single rider line, and universal express pass. good luck

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