Hard Rock Cafe Reservations??

X-Wing Pilot

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Feb 27, 2001
Okay, I love Hard Rock Cafe and can't wait to eat at the one on Citiwalk. Here's the question, do they take reservations? If so are the recommended/neccesarry? I read somwhere that this is the biggest Hard Rock in the world and that they seat something like 2,000 guests. Is there usualy a wait for a seat? Thanks!
I have been to this Hard Rock Cafe several times. I have never had to wait. If you go around 4 to 6 PM in the afternoon you might have a slight wait. It is a very large Hard Rock. Two floors and they are huge. Good Luck!
ADP :cool:
We ate dinner there twice two summers ago. Waits were 30 min. and 90 min! Yes, it is a huge place, but some nights there is not a full capacity wait staff. I think you can make a reservation on the their website. Check it out.


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