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Oct 23, 2004
This counter service restaurant is located in Adventureland. As you would expect this restaurant is African themed and has separate room areas that you sit in. The restaurant is set up like an African mud hut and decorated with drawings and masks. You can enjoy salads or a spicy choice of pasta dishes.

Link to other restaurant reviews :)

Okay as previously announced we are hoping the boards can help :goodvibes If you have photographs of the restaurant and the food. If you have eaten here and can write a review. Even a couple of lines of what you liked, things to watch out for.. would be appreciated if you posted below :)


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Jan 3, 2001
whenever I went past, it seemed to have fewer lines than other counter service, and more seating areas.

I have only had tomato soup and crackers here - very tasty on a cold day! Can't comment on the rest as it appears to now mostly be chicken dishes


Oct 28, 2005
We've been in twice, first time was just for an ice cream in the middle of summer which was ver much needed. Second time we both had pasta. Loads of peppers and suchlike in with bits of chicken. It was very nice but the queues were very long that day, took me around 20 minutes to get served. I love the themeing though and the food was very tasty.
  • Sarah Sarill

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    Oct 4, 2006
    We ate here in December and relate it to KFC food.

    As bavaria said - its mainly chicken with chips or salads. Great choices for the kids too if they like nuggets etc.

    Not a bad price from what I can remember and the place was very cosy and warm :goodvibes

    Worth a try if you want a fast food type meal during the day and dont fancy the walk back to DV.


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    Jul 17, 2005
    We stopped here for a break and we split a Mickey brioche - always wonderful - and hot chocolates which were delicious but not very hot. This was mainly due to it taking forever to be served.

    I'd recommend it for a nice place to have a snack, theming is fun and beautiful with lots of seating but if there are more than 5 people in the queue you may be standing there for over 20 minutes :headache:


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    Jan 25, 2008
    I'd recommend it for a nice place to have a snack, theming is fun and beautiful with lots of seating but if there are more than 5 people in the queue you may be standing there for over 20 minutes :headache:
    We ate here in December (first time we've ever seen it open!) and the food was pretty standard fast food fare, the queue was a distinctly un-standard 30 minutes.


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    Feb 9, 2008
    We ate here in March 08 and loved the theming. the food is chicken wings, chips etc and very yummy. We had two diff flavours of chicken in our meal, fries and a drink.

    The food was declious although not much quantity and so didn't fill us up.
  • staceylc

    Aug 31, 2010
    We stopped here for a tea time snack in November 2010. Hot Chocolate & Mickey Brioche for 3.50 & a carton of milk for DD for 1.50

    No queue at all and very nice theming. The menu looked nice but we never got around to eating here. They had chicken & veal kebab with spicy fries or vegetable rice & a drink.


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    Feb 10, 2011
    Went today and shared Menu N°1 ( chicken strips/Hakuna fries and a San Pellegrino to drink) with OH.

    The queues were very long but fast moving - I was suprised ;) - and the food was served after a bit of a wait but that was due to the kitchen staff mixing up orders...

    We found a table outside as it was lovely and sunny and sat down now very hungry

    Well it didn't disappoint - We had 6 plump chicken strips with a tasty coating of spicy breadcrumbs and a generous portion of Hakuna fries which are also slighty spicy.

    The spicy here is in terms of flavour not in terms of heat ;)

    The strips were made of 100% white meat and tasted of chicken and not the watery mixed that you get with nuggets and the like.

    Everything was tasty and hot and it's pushed the fish and chips at Toad Hall down in my c/s list.

    We will be back again to try the chicken in African sauce with rice :goodvibes
  • maryr1oz

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    Feb 5, 2008
    We ate lunch here in September, it was so quiet and peaceful at the time. We enjoyed the fries...

    •Kebab Sandwich with Fries ... €9.50
    Veal, chicken



    Jan 11, 2013
    We ate here beginning of July.
    I had the chicken filet pieces with rice.
    It was really good, and the amount was quite good aswell pricewise.
    Though, on the picture it doesn't look like it was that much, but it really was.

    Only downside were:
    - the little baskets, what to do with them when finished ??
    - the food was served in this little basket with a paper underneath, the paper got soaked by the sauce and therefor ripped on the bottom, so you had to watch you weren't eating the paper

    I ended up throwing the basket away aswell, I couldn't finish it as it was too much, so I thought, I'll try and get the paper out with the leftovers, but the paper then ripped to pieces and everything fell into the basket, so I just threw it all away.



    Jul 20, 2012
    We waited in line here for a little while but not really longer than should be expected and there were plenty of seats free. We were excited to try the chicken strips and they were truly delicious!

    In fact they were so delicious that we are all still dreaming about them now in March 2014! We will definitely go back here on our next trip but this time have a portion each instead of 2 between 3! The chips were nice too and nothing was spicy (hot) at all - the most I can handle hot-spice wise is a tikka and I was absolutely fine!


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    Sep 10, 2009
    We ate here around 4pm on Monday May 19th 2014.
    The review is taken from my TR. There wasn't very many CS restaurants open when we decided to go for lunch.

    This was a bit problematic as a lot of CS were closed. We had fancied Chalet du Marionnette but this was shut so we ended up in Hakuna Matata where I ordered African Chicken, rice and a pineapple tart for Mam and then myself and the kids had 3 kids meals, one portion of sausages and two of chicken strips with drinks and gervais yoghurt drinks. It came to €38.46 and the AP discount wouldn’t work as there was some problem with the tills that day. Our food was great, the African chicken was fab, the sauce was so tasty and the pineapple tart was very moist and delicious as were the kids meals. It was more than enough for me and a handy little way to save your spends. The fries and chicken were very tasty.

    All in all a good meal and good value for money, we would happily return again.


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    Feb 7, 2009
    We ate here Friday 30th May. We had two adult chicken strip meals with waffle fries, one childs chicken strips with rice/ice lolly, extra portion of rice. It came to €34 before AP discount and we had too much food!
    Current prices are menu one (chicken strips and waffle fries) €11,99, menu two (Aftican chicken and rice) €12,99 and menu 3 (kebab style meal) €13,99. Enfant is €8,59 (sausages or chicken/rice or fries, small fruit juice/water/milk, some fizzypop different flavoured lolly thing that was weird!).
    It's my favourite counter service and I crave it at home :)


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    Mar 30, 2005
    We stopped here for lunch in October 2014, place was busy but we found a table, both Liam and I had the African chicken with rice and pineapple tart.
    Liam said his was lovely, mine was cold and the chicken was gristly and fatty, I thought I was being picky and offered mine to Liam he tried a piece of chicken and said it was nasty.
    The pineapple tarts were OK.
    I didn't complain and we will go again but next time I'll stick to the chicken strips and fries (my usual)
    I love this place, its got a lovely atmosphere and we've never had a bad meal before, always a wobbly table though :)


    Jan 11, 2013
    I have been here about 10 times in the past 2,5 years and I always take the African chicken. Never has it been wrong. I may have just said something about it. You pay enough for it all, so it should at least be warm.


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