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Feb 27, 2001
Hi kids,

Just got off the phone with my Guide, who is putting together a last-minute proposition for me for VWL.

She said that it is "very very popular" and basically cautioned me that if I don't book at 11 months out, I might have a difficult time getting the resort, period.

Has that been the experience of members here?
~Amanda Parr
If it is, I guess I should consider us very lucky! Just joined and made ressies last week for the third week of June in a studio at VWL, that's slightly under 5 months out. Well, all except one night was available, but a 1-bedroom was available that night, so we're confirmed in the one-BR while wait-listed on the studio (I hope, that's what MS said).
Check out my post on 1-28-02 on short notice ressies at VWL. I was able to get a 1BR at VWL with just three weeks notice.:p
Any new resort will be poplular early on, especially to those that buy there. I don't see WL being any more difficult long term than BWV. Truth be know, BC may be the hardest particularly if the points ar the save as WL and pool hopping to SAB vanishes. Buy where you want to stay the most, if that's WLV, buy there. Good luck.

About 2 months ago, I called to add another night to our reservation at VWL that I had made in August, when we first joined DVC. It was for Sunday night May 26th, for a studio. This is Memorial Day Weekend so I thought that we probably wouldn't get it. MS said no problem and added it to our reservation.
Made ressies here this year at the 7 month window and last year just 2 months in advance for 1 bedroom. No problem, no waitlist. We always go in the summer but we haven't had any problems making "non-home" ressies yet.
We tried to make ressies about 60 days out for last October during the PGA golf tournament week and there wasn't a 1BR available anywhere...they offered a 2BR at OKW but we were only a party of 3 and I couldn't see wasting the points. So, it does happen, but then again, I tried about 60 days out so it really didn't surprise me that I couldn't get in. Other than that, I've had no trouble.

I own at OKW. Had reservations for first week of Oct. 2001 at OKW for a 2 br. I think I was around the 60 day point when I decided to check VWL on a whim. We got in (and that was before 9/11). I was very surprised since this was the week they launched 100 years of Disney, and was the 30th anniversary of MK.

We changed our reservations for May 2002 from OKW to VWL. We were within the 6th month window. No problem at all. Got the entire time without wait-listing any days. That was for a 1-BR

ohiominnie :tongue:
We called in the beginning of November to book a studio at VWL for March. They didn't have all of our dates available, so they booked us at OKW and put us on the wait list for VWL. By mid-November we got the confirmation that we got the studio at VWL!
I booked our trip the day after Christmas for the first week of February. I couldn't get into VWL, so I settled for OKW and got on the wait list for VWL.

By New Year's Eve, I got the Studio that I had requested at the VWL. This was a very welcome surprise, since my nieces would have wanted to go pool-hopping instead of settling for the OKW pools that do not have a slide.

So, just three more days and we're on our way to WDW and the VWL. We can't wait!:D :D :D
I called 2 days ago for July and got what I wanted. However, for President's week, I called at 11 months, day by day.
I called Ms yesterday and was able to switch the last three nights of our reservations at the BWV in late August to VWL. We are so excited, as it will be our first time home, and we now get to see our home resort and the VWL! 200 days and counting until we leave:D
We had no problem getting mid June VWL reservations when we called in December. I am excite about sampling VWL since it sounds like a great resort. Is it close to River Country?
We changed 2 nights from a studio at bwv to wlv studio for the first week of May at the begining of Feb.. Got the first night when I called and went on waitlist for second night. It came through in just a few days. Very excited about staying there.:bounce: :bounce: :bounce:
We made reservations at VWL at seven months for a 2 bedroom in June with no problem.
I just called yesterday to reserve a Studio the week before Memorial Day. The CM did have me on hold about 5 minutes but came through. He did say I was one of the last to get a ressie for that time though.
I made our upcoming VWL stay (studio 4/15-4/18) on 12/10/01. That is a spring school break for our kids and we made it 4 1/2 months in advance.
Now that VWL has few units left to sell, it should become harder to book some busy vacation periods. Also, as DVC gains in membership, we will probably see more members wanting to exchange into other DVC resorts.
Time will tell.



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