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    Apr 12, 2000
    Can you tell me about this? I was reading about another gal having problems and needing a doctors note.
    I want to be as fully prepared as I can be before I go. I have a disability parking pass I was going to take with me. Do I need a dr note?

    Rachel in Alaska<
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    Aug 23, 1999
    Well, hi again. I didn't see this post was from you too.
    I wanted to clarify the name of the card. It used to be called a Guest Assistance Pass. It is now called a Guest Assistance Card, so that people understand it is a card that will help get the assistance you need. They make it very clear when they give you one that it is not a pass that will let you bypass lines. In fact they make it clear that you should be using fastpass as much as possible and that you may have to wait longer to get an accessible ride car.
    Now, for your question; A lot of people have brought doctors letters with them to WDW, but I have never heard of anyone who had to show the letter to the CM at Guest Services to get a GAC. It wouldn't hurt to have one, if you can get it easily, but there is almost no chance that anyone will ask you for it.
    You will need your parking permit to park in the Disabled Parking area if you have a car.‚

    SueM in MN
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