Great customer service at IOA


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Feb 12, 2001
Just wanted to report on an incident that really made my day. We were in the middle of the character lunch with my 5 and6 year old when I noticed my flash wasnt working on my disposable camera. An employee named Ben overheard me, took my camera, and returned it within minutes with a brand new disposable one. I couldn't believe it. There has been a huge improvement in the Universal/IOA employees as far as attitude and appearance since last year when I was there. Disney better watch out, I saw them going the other way this year!


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Aug 20, 1999
Wow! Thanks for the input! Do you remember the employee's name? Maybe you should consider writing a compliment letter.


Barry Hom
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Mar 9, 2000
I also experienced a very nice CM in the Dagwood sandwich shop. I went in merely to get something small to eat so that I could take my medication. I noticed potato salad on the menu and requested some. The CM asked me what size and I said I guess small...all I needed it for was to take a pill. She said in that case, I will just give you some.....for free. I said that was kind, all I need is enough for 2 bites. She ended up giving me a whole container....again, for free. I was so greatful for the kindness. I must have thanked her a hundred times. BTW....the potato salad is pretty good. :D I must admit, with the exception of a few rides at Disney, I would prefer to spend my next vacation at Universal.


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Apr 20, 2000
I too had a great interaction with a cast member at Universal Studios...she works at South Carts in the park...her card isn't in front of me right now...but we did speak to her boss and the park manager...he was forwarding our remarks to his boss...Keep up the good work USF/IOA employees...We appreciate each and everyone of you! :)

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