Galloping from Galveston, An accessible Review

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    The Participants

    DM Margaret - 70, stroke survivor, can walk limited distances
    DC Susan- 43, she moved in after Moms stroke and is a great help
    Me - John, 49, and very blessed.

    Dec 7th - RIC to IAH, Houston

    Mom's wheelchair came up positive for nitro residue, don't have any reason why,but this is the second time that's happened- Guess we will have to wipe it down before we fly again.

    flight went well, although 3 hours on a small jet express jet isn't pleasant.

    getting off the aircraft in Houston was a bit of an adventure,and I cant imagine having to do it in a rainstorm or when its 105 degrees. No Ramp, but a convoluted lift contraption, and then what seemed like a 5 mile hike to baggage claim. :sad2: and IAH is building more ramps without jet bridges :crazy2:

    Stayed the night at Spring hill suites Marriott IAH (would have preferred the Airport Marriott,but they didn't have a room with a roll in shower,and three beds). The hotel Shuttle is not accessible, so the hotel paid for a cab both ways ( you need to be in contact with them ahead of time to make this work). Ordered dinner from a local Chinese place. It was good and arrived physically hot and my cousin who likes her stuff spicy asked for extra spicy - forgetting she was in Texas - :rotfl2: Can you say INFERNO?

    Breakfast the next morning was nothing special... Called DCL to find out the starting times for transfers - they said 10 AM, left the hotel at 830 for the 10 minute drive.

    Found the DCL desk just as they were loading the first bus to the port at 9 AM :confused3... Checked in and they seemed to have no record that we needed an accessible transport :upsidedow, Once that was straightened out, and after a visit to starbucks (its upstairs in terminal A) we were off to the port around 1015.

    The DVD got stuck 10 minutes into the ride, but we were either napping or just looking out the window. Arrived at the Port, check in was a breeze, onto the ship for our introduction, and we off to Parrot Cay... ( i really dont like topsiders and cant wait until they redo it) where the special treatment really began, my cousin is allergic to raw onions,so Chef Corey, came out from the back and took her through the entire buffet showing her what she couldn't have - he also entered the allergy into the computer, so anyone who served her was aware of her allergy!

    OK Lunch is over,and its 130 YAY! Cabin 7636, Accessible with a roll in shower, Fantastic room,except for the jog to get the wheelchair in the door... Big Huge Balcony with two chairs and two loungers... Did shake and Shimmy when docking in costa maya, cozumel and galveston. As soon as I download them I will have pictures.

    Part II to follow...
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    I can't wait to see pictures of the room and verandah! We are booked on a cruise in April in that same category. I would love to see what the room looks like.

    How did you arrange transfers via Disney to get from Houston to the Port?
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