FulcerCON pictures...


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Jun 1, 2000
Ok, FulcerCON is over, every one is at home in bed asleep, the house is mostly cleaned up, just about time for Abby's next feeding, and I'm here to post some pictures.

One of the first things DISers see when they come into our yard is DW's handmade banner:

We put out some of the Princess stuff fromDD's 5th party and I snapped this picture of a 'prince' and 'princess':

DD Britanny, Elly and Isaiah playing on our swingset:

The food 'spread':

Desert, including the cookies Tricia made breaking her finger:

Gang shot: Big V's DW, Lady M, PatrickIL, and Ellen at the edge of the picture:

Dopeygirl (Tricia) holding Abby, getting her 'infant holding fix'. Abby obliged by drooling all over her shoulder and arms. New DISMeet attender PrincessVija is in the background on the left, it was nice to meet her.

Leahannpen and her DH Randy were late arrivals, but it was nice to get to spend time with them.

Leah's DS Justin(?) trying to figure out how to get into the sandbox - these bars are in the way!!!!

Dan gives a lesson to Princess Vija on digital cameras:

Of course, we forgot to take a group picture, and I'm sure I didn't get pictures of everyone, nor do I think there were any bathroom exit pictures. We had a good time!!!
Looks like an enjoyable time. Thanks for sharing these with us Jeff, especially at this late (or very early) hour of the day! :)
Looks like another great Dis Meet! Thanks for sharing. :)
Looks like yall had a great time. Prince Patrick... :p :p :p
Great photo's Jeff! It was a great party too! It was nice to meet some old friends and also nice to meet some new ones too!:) Dis meets are the greatest and everyone who is a little leary about going to one, shouldn't be!:)
Looks like you all had a very nice time!!! Can hardly wait for my first meet!!!:) :bounce:
Looks like you all has a great time! Great pics and thanks for getting those up so quickly!
Thanks for the photos. Looks like everyone really enjoyed themselves:) :) :) :) ..........
EROS, we were discussing what we thought would make an interesting meet, and having you and Bob O at a meet would be a cool thing. We almost had Bob O - you'll have to fly in for the next Chicago meet.

If you wanted to see more pics, you can see the rest of the ones I took here.
Great pics - I love all the lime green. Looks like a good time was had by all:)
Nice pictures! Looks like everyone had alot of fun :)
nice pics!

yall look like yall had fun! :)

I love the food shots! ;)
It looks like you guys did a GREAT job hosting this DIS meet! Beautiful decorations, and LOTS of smiling faces. :)
Oh my goodness look how much Abby has grown in less than a month!

Looks like everyone had a great time. Sure wish I could have been there.
Thanks for posting the great pictures Jeff!

Looks like you hosted a great party!

I'm sorry we couldn't make it, but my DW is limiting me to one per month LOL!


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