for those of us counting points who miss burgers...

Oct 12, 2000
may I recommend the Boca Burgers and Boca Breakfast patties. They are low in points per serving (2 pts. and 1 pt. respectively) and look and smell like a beef burger. In fact, I was cooking up a breakfast patty at work this morning and one of the guys asked me where I got my "sausage".

For burgers get the Boca Burger All-American burger...really does feel like eating a regular burger.
How do they taste?? I have been very hesitant to try the Boca burgers because I had tried the Morning Star Farms Vege burgers and did not care for them...They had not much taste to me and I would rather have the points than eat them....
They taste good! Definitely not like a veggie or soy burger. I tried the Morningstar veggie burgers and threw them out after one. Just not my taste.

These have the same texture as a meat burger and none of the veggie burger taste -- you know, when they over spice it to make up for the lack of taste. Also, they are moist, not dry like most of the veggie burgers I've had.
Oh, I used to love boca burgers when they made the ones that were 95% fat free. I haven't been able to find them for a while, and I tried the 90% fat free ones, and threw them out. I was so upset because the other ones were so good. :( I could really tell the difference.
I have been eating these also. I put the Bocaburgers on a Healthy Lite bun (1pt) and put a little Light Miracle whip on it with some of the banana peppers you can by in a jar. I will honestly say, they are not too bad! Not exactly a Big Mac, but it'll do! I have found that if I microwave them in their individual wrapping, (just poking a couple holes for venting) they stay alot moister. (sp)
Or you could even try eating 1/2 of a hamburger. That is what I do because sometimes I just crave a good burger and 1/2 will do! :)


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