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Wow! Looks great! I can't wait to fly in one of the redisgned planes. Southwest has always been my favorite airline to fly.

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I love Southwest Airline! I am going to try to get a group rate for our trip in Dec.!


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You seem to be pretty informed about airplane transportation - our next trip is planned for 12/1-12/8. Can you give me an idea of when Southwest will be publishing rates for this time? Most of the airlines currently publishing have fares starting at $151.00 (total per) and since I need 4 I was hoping to save about 20 to 30 dollars off this price. Any help? thanks!

I just wish that we had them flying out of pittsburgh for something other than a charter to vegas.

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Thank you so much for this info.!! You peaked my interest so I checked out your link. I also checked to see if the fare I bought at was still available. Guess what I save $10 a ticket. That's $20 for DH & I and $40 for his parents and sister's family. Plus now they will get the double credit for Rapid Rewards (they didn't purchase online the 1st time). Anyway. Thank you for initiating that with your link.
Just goes to show you we leave in 20 days and just saved a good bit of money by checking back on the fares.


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