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    Dec 27, 1999
    Cast of characters

    Me(33)-Disney fanatic
    Hubby(33)-enjoys Disney but is not a fanatic
    Lindsay(4 1/2)-future Disney fanatic,loves
    meeting the characters, afraid of the "dark rides"

    Since we had the three day pass we were allowed one EE day. We were hoping Lindsay would still be on east coast time and be up early. Our plans were going well-Lindsay was up at 6:15. I had some breakfast snacks in the room so we had those and were on our way. The shuttle left the hotel at 7:10 and we were at the main gate in about 10 minutes. The shuttle service at our hotel was really great. They were scheduled but since there wasn't many people staying there if you needed picked up from the park at an off scheduled time all you had to do was call and they came. Anyway we got to the gate and were one of the first people in line. Everything was so close as compared to WDW but I liked it. Well we made our way in and headed down Main Street. I love Main Street! The stores were so cute but nothing was open so we headed to Fantasyland-our daughter's first pick Dumbo!! She had decided this would be her first choice a long time ago and did not change her mind. There was no wait so we went right on. We then did the carrousel and teacups-again we just walked on. Well Lindsay was thrilled those are her favorites-along with Small World which was coming soon. After teacups we tried Alice in Wonderland. We all thought is was cute and even though it was dark Lindsay did ok but didn't want to go on it again. I did Pinocchio while Lindsay and daddy rode the carrousel again. I liked it but Lindsay would have been terrified. Next we headed over to Small World. The building is so incredible!! We walked right on and were on our way. It was still decorated for Christmas which was so nice. I think throughout our trip we went on it about 4 times and believe me my husband had had enough. But everytime you go on you notice something different. By this time Toontown was opening so headed there. First stop of course-Mickey's house. Not much of a line so we were through quick. He greeted us on his porch which was sort of cute. Lindsay is very picky about how she gets her picture taken with the characters-sometimes she'll let one of us in with her but usually she likes to be alone. Well she wanted this one alone so later on I got back in line and got my picuture with him-always a kid at Disney! So we did most of the stuff in Toontown. Lindsay loved Goofy's bouncehouse and all the decorations along the way in his garden. We rode the JollyTrolly which was cute. The Roger Rabbit ride was closed and Lindsay didn't want to the Gadget coaster. There was a small line for Minnie but we were through in know time. Lindsay was so excited because Minnie signed her Minnie ears hat. We did Minnie's house which was cute. Lindsay loved all the stuff in her kitchen.

    Next we were in search of the Princesses. We hit the jackpot-Ariel,Belle,Snow White,Cinderella and Sleeping Beauty!! Lindsay was so excited-we had never seen Cinderella or Sleeping Beauty at WDW. There was no one around them so they really took alot of time with her. And I got some really great pictures. We had planned on an early lunch so we headed over to Blue Bayou. It hadn't opened yet so they took our name and Lindsay and I did some shopping. I loved the shops and the entire atmosphere in this area. We usually stay at Port Orleans so maybe that had something to do with it. We were seated about 5min after they opened. It was very very dark but we liked it. Lindsay couldn't believe we were inside the Pirates ride which she refused to go on at WDW. I ordered the Monte Cristo which I had heard so much about but to be honest I really didn't like it. It was too greasy. But my husband enjoyed his jambalya and Lindsay meal was good. Oh well I would go back again because I loved the atmosphere. Lindsay must have felt brave after eating in there and wanted to go on Pirates. There was a line so we got a fast pass and headed over to Country Bears. We were in pretty quick but had enough time to do some pressed pennies-another of Lindsay's favorites. The Country Bear show was cute-it was still the Christmas version. Next we saw Pooh, Eyeore and Tigger-some more of Lindsay's favorites. By this time our fast pass was ready so we headed back ot Pirates. I could tell Lindsay was getting leary as we went through the line. She did ok for a few minutes but then she was pretty scared so she put her head down and closed her eyes. This ride was great!! So much better and longer than the one at WDW. Afterwards Lindsay and daddy got an icecream treat while I did Haunted Mansion. I enjoyed it-hadn't been on it in a while at WDW. I must say I loved the layout of that area.
    Next we took the train to Main Street-very relaxing. Lindsay did some pin trading with some cast members. She really enjoyed that at WDW so we brought some pins along from there.I stopped to get a choc chip icecream cone which I love! Lindsay made some more pressed pennies. We made our way over to Tomorrowland and rode the monorail. The new park looks really cool. We headed over to Small World again and got a fast pass. While we waited we did the canal boats-Lindsay liked it. Small world was beautiful at night! Had some popcorn and then headed in for Animazement. Very nice show-we really enjoyed it. Lindsay was getting tired so we decided not the stay for the fireworks and Fantasmic. We headed over to Main Street and got the last seats on the double decker bus so we got to sit in front with the conductor. Lindsay thought that was neat. It was so pretty riding down Main Street with the Christmas lights on. We called for our hotel shuttle which came pretty quick. We had snacked so much throughout the day we didn't even eat dinner.
    Tomorrow it's back to the park with John's aunt and uncle.
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    Thanks so much for posting. I check it out every day and am always disappointed that more trip reports aren't on here. Have been to WDW but not DL, and am going in March. It's so much fun to get an idea of what you're in for.
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    A fun filled day for all. Thanks for posting!

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