Finally, Hours! Opinons, please

Discussion in 'Disney Restaurants' started by Colleen27, May 2, 2007.

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    Mar 31, 2007
    The Nov hours are FINALLY out, so I've started working on my ADR list. We're going to be there Nov 28 - Dec 9, so I can only tackle the first few days of our trip right now, but I'll be making tenative plans for the rest shortly based on Nov's hours and last year's Dec hours because my ADR date is June 1 and I might not get to see the Dec hours for this year before I call.

    Now, the questions.

    Wishes is at 8 the night we arrive, and we'll be at MK but don't plan on staying to watch the fireworks from the park. What time would you make ressies for to be done with dinner at Ohana in time to watch from the beach? Or would we be better off with an 8:30 ADR, so we can catch the fireworks before we're seated? Or try to time it to be on the boat to the Poly when the fireworks start?

    How necessary is the Fantasmic package at that time of year? I don't really like any of the options for the package and don't really want to be locked into the package if the weather isn't great, since we have 2 days planned at MGM and could do it on either. So I was thinking about booking Sci-Fi instead and just hoping it works out to get seats. When we called about the dinner package before we changed our dates, all the times were really early. What time would be good to be sure we're done in time to get seats for the 7:00 show?

    Also, did I read somewhere that ESPN Club doesn't take ADRs? Is there usually a long wait for a table there?

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