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Earning My Ears
Mar 9, 2001
Can anyone tell me what to bring to watch Fantasmic. Do people usually bring towels or something to sit on during the show. People don't stand during the whole show do they, especially in the front rows???? I plan on watching the second show when we go there in July. The first one seems like it would be too crowded.
Any Opinions???
Thanks to Rajah's advice I had incredible seats for the second showing of Fantasmic in February. (check her post) My suggestion would be to bring a towel to sit on. You do not want to lug a blanket around Disneyland. I don't think that a large blanket would fit in the lockers.

I was searching Rajah's posts. Is the great seats that you had the Fantasmic Dessert Buffet?
We were just at Disneyland last Saturday night. We watched the late showing but it still was very crowded. We just sat on the ground and it was fine. It was even a cool evening but sitting on the ground was no big deal. I saw only one person with a blanket or towel. We just walked up and they had an area roped off where people could sit and they would not be allowed to stand. It was right next to the water near the Kodak picture spot sign. We got there just as the first show was ending - after we watched the fireworks. Don't miss that - it's incredible.

We saw Fantasmic in February and knew what to expect. I had dealt with the crowds for it in Florida, and my boyfriend had dealt with the crowds in California a couple years before. Around 5:00 that day, we noticed there were quite a few CMs out to help crowd control for Fantasmic (about three hours before show time!) We asked them where we should sit and how early we should show up. They told us that if it was just the two of us, we could probably find a decent spot to stand ten minutes before the show. That was impossible to believe...heck, in WDW, people stake out their seats HOURS in advance. And this was a Friday night, too.

So we walked around for another hour or so and found a table right outside a restaurant (it was the one right next to the Golden Horseshoe). We decided to stay there; it had a decent view of the water, plus we didn't have to stand or sit on the ground. After a leisurely dinner (for over two hours!), we were glad that we hadn't taken the advice of the CMs. We never would have found a seat. I think that if you could snag one of these tables, you should be good.

I do want to raise one complaint though for Fantasmic seating. Everyone is practically standing throughout the show, and your view is constantly blocked. I can't tell you how many times I had to talk to people about moving (these people ranged from teenagers, to young kids to families). Most were very rude when I politely asked for them to move. The poor CMs try the best they can to get people to be considerate, but it doesn't always work that way. I think this is the reason I enjoy Fantasmic better at WDW; it's arena seating, so no one is standing up in front of you blocking your view.
Let's see if I can remember what advice I gave in the past ;)

Best seats are indeed the dessert buffet tickets, but those are sometimes quite hard to come by, and not everyone can afford them.

Other good places:

*As you come out of New Orleans square heading for the Rivers of America, look around for a slightly raised area. It's brick steps, and some planters, and if memory serves should be slightly to the right of the New Orleans Square entrance (that is, if you walk from the exit of Pirates past Blue Bayou and in the direction of the Pirates/Disney Gallery entrance). If you can get up on that slightly raised area and right along the planter's edge, you get a pretty good view. Guests aren't supposed to stand or sit on the ledge along the walkway on the other side of the planter, so if your view is blocked, it will only be momentarily.

*Another great place is on the bridge that goes over the entrance to Pirates. This area in the past has been marked off about three people deep, and is a standing-room only area. If you can get either right on the railing here or close to it, you get what I consider to be the next best view. You will likely be standing on an incline, though, and I repeat is standing-room only.

*If you have a lot of people and are willing to tag-team to hold a place, you could try for a spot right on the railing in direct line of sight between the balcony of the Disney Gallery and the mill building on Tom Sawyer Island. That stage is where most of the action is going to take place, so make sure you have a good view of it.

*Another decent place is at the tables of the Riverbell Terrace, specifically the ones that are slightly raised above the walkway and are right along the railing. Make sure again that you have a good view of the Island. Last time I watched from here, it was sitting-only, and you had to be eating up until a few minutes before showtime.

*If you've seen the show before and are intersted in behind the scenes action, then go to the far edges of the viewing area -- either almost right in front of the Haunted Mansion, or just past the boat dock for the Columbia and Mark Twain. From these areas, you can see a little of what happens behind the scene. But I really only recommend this if you've never seen the show before.

None of these is as good a place as the buffet, but I've found them to be good seconds :D

Hope this helps!

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