Fantasmic Dessert Buffet FAQ ~Update 5/2004~


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Aug 17, 1999
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Fantasmic Dessert Buffet FAQ
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So you've heard about the Fantasmic Dessert Buffet at Disneyland, but you don't know quite what it is or how to get it? You've come to the right place :) Hopefully this FAQ will answer all your questions :D If not, please post your question at the end of the thread.

Q: <b>What is the dessert buffet?</b>
A: It's exactly what it sounds like: All you can eat desserts are provided, and you end up with the best seat in the house for watching Fantasmic. There are now two types of seating: Balcony Seating and Premium Seating.

Q: <b>Where do I get the tickets?</b>
A: Call 1-714-781-4400 and reserve the Fantasmic Dessert Buffet over the phone. You'll need your credit card in hand. Reservations for Fantasmic may be made up to 30 days before the show. Once you arrive at the park, go to the Guest Services window in the main entry plaza to the left of the turnstiles for Disneyland. The window opens at the same time the gate opens. That is, if the park opens at 8am, the window will open at 8am.

Q: <b>When should I arrive to get tickets?</b>
A: You can get the tickets at any time once the Guest Services window is open.

Q: <b>How many tickets are available?</b>
A: There are 21 seats per showing of Fantasmic on the balcony, and 50 premium seats. TIP: When you purchase the tickets, ask how many seats have already been purchased if you're going to sit in the balcony. The balcony has reserved seating, so the first tickets sold get the best seats in the balcony. The premium seats are not reserved, so it does not matter how many have been sold before you.

Q: <b>How much are tickets?</b>
A: As of May 2004, the tickets are $49.75 per person (adults and children) for the balcony, and $49.75 for adults, $39.75 for children (ages 9 and under) for the premium seating.

Q: <b>Wow, that's expensive! Is it worth it?</b>
A: That question can only be answered by each individual. Some say definitely, others say for one time only, and others wouldn't pay that much no matter what the circumstances. You do get access to an all-you-can-eat dessert buffet, and you do have the best seats in the house for viewing Fantasmic. The show was designed to be best viewed from the balcony, so you just can't get a better seat.

Q: <b>Balcony? What balcony? Where is the dessert buffet held?</b>
A: As you enter New Orleans Square, you'll come across the Disney Gallery. It's perched above Pirates of the Caribbean and was originally meant to be a second apartment for Walt, his family and/or important guests. Thus, it has a nice balcony that looks out over Tom Sawyer Island and has one of the best views of Frontierland around. It is on this balcony that you will be seated.

Q: <b>Where is the premium seating located?</b>
A: There is a fenced in area in front of the Haunted Mansion, towards the river. Look for the light tower on the left, in front of the Haunted Mansion. Cast members will start setting up the seating before the show (probably around 5pm or so) near the light tower.

Q: <b>What's on the dessert buffet?</b>
A: There's no guarantee of what you'll find on the buffet beyond a generic "dessert", but in the past I've seen fresh fruit, chocolate dipped strawberries, a cheesecake of some sort (I've seen raspberry and kiwi among others), some other kind of cake (chocolate usually), several different kinds of finger-desserts, plus several choices of drink including the famous non-alcoholic mint julep, water, several tea choices, and coffee. The title photo is an example of what was available. Be sure to show up for first seating if you want that entire selection, though, because the desserts can disappear fast! The same desserts are served at both locations.

Q: <b>If there are two shows, does the second show get fresh desserts?</b>
A: Absolutely! Every show for which there is Dessert Buffet seating gets a fresh selections of the desserts for that day. They're presented in a beautiful manner, and there are cast members present to assist you with your selection, get you drinks, and so on. For the best shot at the desserts, arrive approximately 30-40 minutes before Fantasmic. Desserts and drinks will be served the 30 minutes before the show. You get your desserts from the display table. Cast members will bring your drinks to you. Once the show starts, they will not be serving anymore drinks.

Q: <b>Okay, I've got my ticket, I know where to go, when do I show up?</b>
A: The Disney Gallery has reserved seating, so you should get there about 30 minutes before the show so you can get your seat and enjoy some dessert and drinks before it starts. You should probably get to the riverside seating area about 45 minutes before the show. When I was there in March (MJ), the cast members took the names of the groups, and then let the first ones who had arrived to enter and choose their seats first.

Q: <b>What if Fantasmic gets rained out (that is, canceled) after I've already purchased my ticket?</b>
A: You can get a refund :)

Q: <b>I'm staying on Harbor Blvd, how do I get to Guest Services?</b>
A: Best solution is to walk. Either the main walk-in entrance on Harbor will be open, or the ART (Anaheim Resort Transportation) shuttle drop-off gates will be open. Either way, you will be able to get in from that entrance.

Q: <b>I'm staying at one of the Disney Hotels, how do I get to Guest Services?</b>
A: Again, the best solution is to walk.

Q: <b>I've seen the Fantasmic at Walt Disney World in Orlando. Is it worth it to pay to see here?</b>
A: I think so. Most (but not all) agree that the Disneyland version of Fantasmic is the better version. It's the original. There are various scenes that are different, even though the main gist of the production is the same. The biggest difference, though, is that you have no stadium seating at Disneyland. Everyone crowds around to either sit on the ground or stand in groups along the walkways and bridges around the Rivers of America. The only place you can get a seat equivalent (or better in my opinion) to the stadium seating is at the Dessert Buffet.

Q: <b>I'm a concierge guest at one of the Disney hotels. Can I get tickets through them?</b>
A: If there are tickets available, you can have concierge order them for you, but it is really better to call ahead of time and order your tickets

<i>Last updated 5/23/04 by mj
Thank you, Rajah for setting up these very helpful FAQs</i>
Q: <b>The fireworks are scheduled right after Fantasmic. If I get tickets for the showing of Fantasmic right before the fireworks, can I stay to watch them?</b>
A: To the best of my knowledge, yes you can. This is not guaranteed as part of the package, however. The practice has been to allow guests to stay and watch the fireworks.

Q: <b>Is the balcony a good place from which to view the fireworks?</b>
A: I've never watched them from there, but I've heard a lot of people say its one of their favorite places. The only thing you'll miss is that the fireworks were designed to be seen from Main Street where they frame the castle. You won't have the castle cleanly in your view. Other than that, it should have a wonderful view of the fireworks!

Premium seating also also allows for a decent showing of the fireworks.

Your best bet is that if you've seen the first Fantasmic show, stay for the fireworks. You will not have time to rush back to Main Street to watch them.

Q: <b>I have a question that isn't answered here. What should I do?</b>
A: Post it in the thread below. If you don't see an answer pop up shortly, then drop me (Rajah) an email with your question and I will add it to the FAQ if I can answer it.

<i>Updated 5/23/2004 by mj</i>
<font face="Comic Sans MS"><font color=navy>These FAQs are great! Thanks, again, Rajah for posting them. :)

Wow!! Great job Rajah!! I think I may just have to try to include this in our trip to DL in March. It will be my very first trip so why not have all the bells and whistles huh? ;) I do have a question for you though. How many tickets can you get? Can you get more than one or does every member of your party have to stand in line with you as well?


I've run out of room in the buffer to add anything else to the FAQ :eek: I guess I'm going to have to make a FAQ part two! When I tried adding more to the thing, it told me I had too many characters :(

That's now been fixed, so keep those questions coming :)

Anyway, to answer your question, no, you don't have to have everyone present to purchase tickets. I've seen a person purchase tickets for a group of 6, have done so myself for a group of 4, and have heard of groups of 8 purchasing tickets with only one member of the party present. You *do* have to have everyone present before you can be seated, however.

I just returned home from Disneyland Resort where I did enjoy the dessert buffet. Just a FYI about getting tickets the Guest relations office moved from just east of the Disneyland entrance to east of the DCA entrance, tucked back behind a wall next to the public bathrooms. I arrived 3 hours early and thought I was going to get in no problem because no one else was there but I found out that the office had relocated the night before and as I found my way to the correct location I found myself in the back of a very large line. luckly enough for me I was able to get six of the fourty available seats (even though the person in the front bought out an entire shows seats). IF YOU PLAN ON DOING THIS GET TO THE TICKET OFFICE EARLY, AND WHEN THEY TELL YOU TO BE AT THE GALLERY A HALF AN HOUR PRIOR TO THE SHOW BE THERE FOURTY MINUTES BEFORE THE BEGINNING WE GOT THERE 15 MINUTES BEFORE AND THE DESSERT WAS SPARCE AND THE MINT JULLEPS WERE WATERY AND FEW AND FAR BETWEEN BUT WE STILL HAD A GREAT TIME!!!
phanomouse -- thanks for the notice! Glad you were able to get in and had a good time :)
A group of nine of us are driving in from Glendale at the beginning of July, to try for Fantasmic Buffet seats. (We are in town for the National Teacher's convention.)

Here is my question: Will parking be open for us to park? We are planning to get there at about 5:00 AM - it probably won't be early enough, but we can always hope!

Are there any restaurants open in Downtown Disney to kill time AFTER we get our Fantasmic Tickets? (We won't even get early entry, because we can only buy one day passes, and I have an annual pass...:( )

Thanks for your help!!

I don't think parking is open until about 60 minutes before park opening. I think there is a McDonald's or Denny's across the street where your group could wait while you get tickets.

Downtown Disney is currently open at 8:00 a.m.
You can buy tickets 30 days in advance over the phone. I called this morning and was able to get tickets for the 9:00 PM seating on 7/21. You still have to arrive early for 1st row but you've eliminated one line and you don't have to get up early. The number I called was 714 781-4400.

Riverview:bounce: :smooth: :Pinkbounc :wave: :bounce:
We are flying down for the Halloween Holidays. I messed up and waited 28 days to call ahead instead of 30. I almost missed out. We are reserved for the 10:30pm show on November 2. The first show was already gone and there were only 5 seats left on the 10:30 show, I was able to grab 4 of those. So.........heed my warning everyone.....make your reservations as soon as possible.

Have a Disney Day!!!:earsgirl:
Do they have this in Dec? I thought I read somewhere they weren't doing it during the Holiday season? Is this so?
:( This is true, they will close Fantasmic for the winter season because of high accident risk during that time of the year. I believe they will be closing it down sometime in November.

Have a Disney Day :earsgirl: :wave: :earsgirl: :wave: :earsgirl:
Nov 2nd is the last day. They are also draining the Rivers of America beginning January so theshow will be down until Spring at the earliest.
I've read Raja's tips on the Fantasmic Dessert Buffet and noticed it was posted in 2001.

Does anyone know if this is still the norm for 2003? And are the tips still the same?
Most of what Rajah said in 2001 still holds true. About the only difference is you can purchase the Fantasmic Tickets 30 days in advance, when we went I believe cost was just a few dollars higher than what was posted earlier. As far as seating, it is first come first seated, and I believe their is seating for 18 on the balcony by Disney Gallery. I heard rumor Fantasmic will reopen in March of 2003. If you make reservations over the phone you will still need to go to Guest Relations at Disneyland to let them get an imprint of your card before they will issue you tickets.
Some of the stuff has changed from the post....

Now there is also seating down by the Haunted Mansion also. You do not get a dessert buffet at those seats, you get a keepsake box with desserts in it. (Biscotti, cookies, fruit) They serve drinks and bring the drinks to your seat.

For seating, it's first come, first serve. You can line up by the Haunted Mansion 1 hour before show time and from that line you get seated. It does not go by the order everyone bought their tickets. Tickets are now $45.

You can buy your tickets over the phone and pick them up at Guest Relations.
We just booked for 7/22 10:30 show,will will be sitting up on the balcony. do you get any souviner like you do when you sit down by the river?


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