Fancy blowing up the Hard Rock Cafe

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    Universal Studios wants to get rid of the original Hard Rock Cafe -- and has offered the 25,000-square-foot building to any production company that "has a need to implode a building of this magnitude."

    At least that's the word from the state's film office. No telling what sort of movie or TV show would actually need to blow up a three-story, Greek Revival style building -- especially one that happens to sit on a guitar-shaped foundation -- but Universal has put the word out, nonetheless.

    Blowing stuff up isn't unusual in these parts. The old Orlando City Hall, which opened in 1958, was imploded a dozen years ago. The dramatic collapse was used in the opening scene of Lethal Weapon 3. That unleashed a host of crash-and-burn wannabes, with several enterprising entrepreneurs looking for producers to blow up their buildings, too.

    Not sure how much juice will be needed to level the Hard Rock. The building, which Universal does not use, is very nearly a relic by Orlando standards, being all of 13 years old. But there's not much need for it anymore given that a new and larger Hard Rock was built at CityWalk in late 1998.

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