Fan Club Rates

Go to and you can get information. The membership is 24.95 but you get a $20 food coupon and a pretty neat welcome gift. You can call immediately and get better rates at the HRH.
Thanks for that link. Under membership it has All Access, Pin and My Rock club. I don't see the Fan Club. Am I missing it?
I forgot I had this card. I wonder if I can get a better rate at the RP with this card or if it's only good for the HRH. I got a cute little pin with mine and a teddy bear. Nice package!:)

I have the all access card as well. I dont' think that will get us a hotel discount.
You get the fan club card from your employer. They can sign up to get it. There is a post on this site that tells how.

The Fan Club card is a Universal thing, not a Hard Rock thing, and not a Loews thing.
About the only way you can get one is if your employers HR dept. has them. Check with them or your credit union if you have one.


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