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I was a click-clack champ!!
May 16, 2006
A Disney cat with some unusual (though non-magical) abilities is Winkie in 1975's Escape to Witch Mountain.
I loved Escape to Witch Mountain when I was a kid. I need to watch it again.
Me too - Winkie is one of my favorite Disney cats!!

20 minutes since my last post (and I hope to get out walking today as well, as it's supposed to be 65!)

  • sophy1996

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    Apr 17, 2015
    Several more color changes to highlight today.

    First up, Shrfleen moves to Figaro Purple!

    Katarina Kodorofsky, from the Mickey Mouse comics, is another black-and-white Disney kitty. She's a Russian spy who has worked with Mickey a few times.

    Next, Tasha228 turns Rufus Red!

    Rufus is a good friend to Penny. Another good friend is Sergeant Tibbs in 101 Dalmatians. He's a steadfast subordinate to the Colonel and helps Pongo and Perdita rescue their puppies.

    And last but certainly not least, PollyannaMom reaches Lion King WISH Green! :simba:

    Nala is Simba's friend as a cub and his mate as an adult. Her mother is Sarafina, but who is her father? The Lion King kind of ignored that point, but later, the Disney Junior series The Lion Guard mentioned him (and thereby clarified that she is not the daughter of either Mufasa or Scar).
  • sophy1996

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    Apr 17, 2015
    :welcome: Twilight Sparkle to Cheshire Cat Pink!

    Mr. Whiskers of Frankenweenie, a fluffy white Persian, seems to have psychic powers. And then things really get strange when his owner, Weird Girl,
    turns him into Vampire Cat!
    Well, what do you expect from a Tim Burton film?

    and :welcome: LizardQueen8 to Rufus Red!

    Mochi is Hiro, Tadashi, and Aunt Cass's Japanese bobtail cat in Big Hero 6. Mochi is a male calico, which is very rare. Only about one in every 3,000 calico cats is male. Apparently Mochi was going to have rocket boosters, courtesy of Hiro, but the powers-that-be couldn't figure out a way to work that into the story that made sense. Too bad, because the concept art sure looks cute!

    (from Disney.wikia.com)

    Have a great weakend, everyone!
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    Apr 17, 2015
    Congratulations to three more color changers!

    princessbee is now Figaro Purple!

    In the 1920s, Walt worked on a series called the Alice Comedies. Alice was a real girl with an animated black-and-white cat, Julius. The pair had adventures in an animated landscape. Julius was Walt's first major reoccurring animated character, pre-dating both Oswald the Lucky Rabbit and Mickey Mouse.

    I (sophy1996) am Rufus Red!

    Thomasina, in The Three Lives of Thomasina (1963), is such a good friend that she comes back from death to her girl Mary (who was played by Karen Dotrice, probably best-known as Jane Banks in Mary Poppins). Thomasina includes a dream sequence involving Siamese cats, for which 40 Siamese were used. Talk about herding cats!

    and Tasha228 is Lion King WISH Green (plus)! :simba:

    The Lion King's villain is Scar, Simba's uncle who takes control of the pride. According to Disney Wiki, "[w]hile Jeremy Irons voices Scar for most of the movie, he blew out his voice recording 'Be Prepared' (Specifically the line 'You won't get a sniff without me!'), and the rest of the song is sung by Jim Cummings."


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