Fabulous Felines February Exercise Challenge


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Apr 17, 2015
:welcome:to the February 2017 Exercise Challenge!

Here’s how it works:
Each person chooses a goal in minutes, and posts progress toward that goal as they exercise. (The type of exercise you count is up to you.) You can choose a total number that means something to you, or set a daily target and multiply. (February only has 28 days, so I’ve listed some common conversions.)

15 minutes/day = 420
20 minutes/day = 560
30 minutes/day = 840
45 minutes/day = 1260
1 hour/day = 1680

Our theme for February is Fabulous Felines -- Disney Felines, of course!

One of the fun things about our challenge is color changes :rainbow:, so you’ll get a new color when you hit certain percentages of your goal. Here are our motivating colors for the month:

10% of goal - Aristocats Blue
25% of goal - Tigger Orange
50% of goal - Figaro Purple
75% of goal - Cheshire Cat Pink
90% of goal - Rufus Red
100% of goal – Lion King WISH Green

If you’re returning, we’re excited to have you back! :jumping1:
If you’re new, welcome to the team!! :cheer2::cheer2::cheer2:

(And if you find us later in the month, you can still join in!)

Team Members:

cassie58 - 180/180
kathleen27 - 296/1000
LizardQueen8- 865/840
PollyannaMom - 480/420

princessbee - 480/850
Saphire5742- 1012/1260
scdak - 1035/650
Shrfleen - 540/560
sophy1996 - 1100/1100
Tasha228 - 1024/750
Twilight Sparkle - 1015/1000

Zim - goal 1200

Team Total: 8,027/9,810 81.8%

Adjusted Team Total: 8,027/8,610 93.2%
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  • sophy1996

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    Apr 17, 2015
    I saw the cutest Siamese cat on the humane society's web site today, so let's talk about a Disney Siamese cat with a shelter background.

    Trainer Bill Koehler found Syn at a California animal shelter. He starred first as Tao in 1963's The Incredible Journey and then as D.C. (Darn Cat) in That Darn Cat! in 1965. That Darn Cat! also featured Hayley Mills in her last role for Disney, and apparently Syn and Hayley got along very well. Syn won a PATSY award (Picture Animal Top Star of the Year) for That Darn Cat!


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    Apr 17, 2015
    While we're looking at Disney Siamese cats, I would be remiss if I didn't mention Si and Am, the villainous Siamese pair from 1955's Lady and the Tramp. I have their song The Siamese Cat Song (also known as We are Siamese) stuck in my head! Peggy Lee sang the lyrics, and she recorded it twice, once for each cat. Unfortunately, though, the pair were drawn to reflect outdated stereotypes of Asians that were common in the United States in the 1940s and 1950s.


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