Fabulous Felines February Exercise Challenge

  • sophy1996

    DIS Veteran
    Apr 17, 2015
    Congratulations Shrfleen for finishing at Rufus Red!

    Sheriff Callie, a calico cat, makes sure that Nice and Friendly Corners remains the friendliest town in Sheriff Callie's Wild West. Callie has a magic noodle lasso that can take the form of other objects, sometimes saving her from trouble.

    And further congratulations to LizardQueen8, cassie58, and me (sophy1996) for reaching Lion King WISH Green! :simba:

    The 1971 film Bedknobs and Broomsticks has the characters visit a remote island called Naboombu in search of the Star of Astaroth, which will help Miss Price (Angela Lansbury) complete a locomotion spell to help the British war effort. The ruler of Naboombu is King Leonidas (a lion, of course), who is wearing the Star. Our heroes must distract the king with his favorite game (football/soccer) and obtain the Star before returning to England to help defeat the Nazis!

    :thanks: everyone for participating! I'll be back in a day or two to total up any further time and make a month-end report.
  • PollyannaMom

    I was a click-clack champ!!
    May 16, 2006
    No new minutes for me. I might have gone for a quick walk over the weekend, but if I did I forgot to write it down, and Monday and Tuesday were crazy!

    But I wanted to pop back on and say thanks @sophy1996 for running February and for the great cat theme! :cat: Looking forward to to the March thread!


    DIS Veteran
    Apr 17, 2015
    Congratulations to Twilight Sparkle for finishing at Lion King WISH Green! :simba:

    A lion who would like to be a king is Prince John in Disney's animated Robin Hood (1973). He is portrayed as a coward and a crybaby who sucks his thumb. Luckily King Richard comes back from the Crusades eventually.

    Adjusting for one team member who did not report any time, the team finishes at 8,027 out of 8,610 minutes, 93.2% of goal!

    Several team members went above and beyond: scdak, 159%; Tasha228, 134%; PollyannaMom, 114%; LizardQueen8, 102%; and Twilight Sparkle, 101%.

    So I'll leave you with one final Disney :cat: story. You may (or may not) know that Disney is home to actual, real cats. I saw an interesting article from the LA Times about the cats of Disneyland. There is even a blog called "The Cats of Disneyland." And Disneyland isn't unique among Disney parks in this regard; one late, late Extra Magic Hour in Adventureland in the Magic Kingdom, my husband and I actually saw a cat on its rounds. I imagine that it wasn't the only kitty that calls the Magic Kingdom home!

    Thanks again for participating and for the kind words. Onwards to March!

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