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Sep 24, 1999
Hi! Has anyone tried the Essentials offer to receive the $25 K-mart card? If so, any problems cancelling?

I am not sure, but it states that you will receive the card as a member. I was unsure if this meant only after the 30 day introductory offer. If anyone can clarify this, please I would love to know!

I have done several of these. The way it usually works is you sign up and they send the Membership Packet. There will be a postcard in the packet that you use to request the Gift Certificate request form (are you starting to get the picture here?). Immediately on receipt, fill out the postcard - it includes the membership number - make a copy and send it in. By the time you get the second request form, you are still within the 30-day trial period. At this point, I believe the membership has been verified and I have been safe in canceling the membership and still receiving the gift certificates.

I always look closely at the offers but have honestly not felt that my family can benefit from them. I am sure these are great for some folks so I encourage you to evaluate for yourself.

I am also sure that many people do not claim the certificates because of the multi-step process. But the system seems to work if you follow the directions - at least for the several programs I have tried.
I just received another offer from MY POINTS for this and I am going to try it. I will see if they pro-rate first, which will mean after I receive my gift card (if I don't want to be a member) I will cancel and if it's past the 30 days free trial well then it won't be too much extra to cancel.

Thanks again!

I've tried doing this and it never seems to work. I joined Essentials, Galleria and one of the others, as well as Connections. I kept the connections membership and after going through the whole postcard bit it still took 3 mos. to receive the other form. The Connections offer was for dinner and a movie. Guess what they sent me - two tickets to Loews for a movie (which can only be used on movies that have been out for more than 10 days) and ANOTHER form to fill out and send in for a $20.00 dinner rebate. If you find dinner in NJ for under $20.00 for two people, let me know. BTW, the form had an expiration date on it of April 2002 and I only received it a couple of weeks ago.

I haven't received the KMart card from Galleria or Essentials. When I called to cancel the guy tried to get me to stay by saying that I would receive it. It's blackmail. There are so many steps to getting this garbage that they hope people will give up and go away.

First it's the postcard, then it's the member survey, then they send you something that has to be redeemed - you never get something for nothing. The company which owns all of these services has many complaints lodged against them with the BBB.
Caveat emptor.
I have tried the hotel discounts before but I didn't receive anything, all I know is that when I went to use the card, NO ONE would take it! They kept saying that even though at the time of my booking the hotel wasn't 80% full, they knew it would be when by that time so they couldn't give me the discount. I finally cancelled and they prorated my membership dues and tried like heck to get me not to cancel. That is why I was a bit leary about this, thanks for the info!


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