ECV Links until I can make a real FAQ

This makes it so much easier to read all of these in one place. We leave Friday AM and the nerves are getting the better of me.

I'm excited but absolutely scared to death that I will be an awful down little kids as they stand talking with MM......have a CM gently tell me that I need to go back to driving school and will I please go back to the resort and practice some more....etc etc

I've actually had nightmares about this and don't want to do ANYTHING WRONG!!!
teri, do you have all those threads saved someplace or do you want me to try to rescue them before we can't get them anymore?”
I don't have them all backed up, Sue... nor all the ones in the GAC FAQ.
Time to make some pages!
I think I've got some of these saved. I will try to get all the ones you have listed here and save them on my computer.

Added at 1:18 CST: I got all the ones above saved. They are messily dumped in a document, but they are saved.


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