Early Entry, FASTPASS and March visit


Earning My Ears
Feb 19, 2004
I'm new to this site and have done a bunch of research but still have some (hopefully not dumb) questions:

We'll be at WDW March 3 - March 8 - does anyone know how the crowds might be in general?

Do you think it will be very crowded during the Extra Magic Hour at MK or is it generally easy (in early March) to get on the open attractions with short waits?

I keep hearing that MK gets very crowded by 11am or so on an EMH day - is that true in March too or just in the busiest times of year?

Can you get FASTPASSes at MK during the Early Magic Hour or not until the regular park opening?

We have an 8am breakfast seating at MK on an Early Magic Hour day - what time will they let us in to the park?

Hope that's not too many questions. Many thanks!
First of all, WELCOME TO THE BOARDS!. If you want to take advantage of EMH, you shouldn't schedule your breakfast at 8:00. It is defeating the purpose. The short lines will be going on while you are eating your breakfast. We usually try to schedule a late breakfast around 10:30. As for as crowds, we are going next month as well and it is our first March trip so I do not know what the crowds will be like. That week of March shouldn't be too bad though because most of the spring breaks haven't started yet. Good luck!:teeth:
I think you should see if you can change your PS to a later time.

The FP machines will be open during EE. My son and I would get FP during EE so that we could do the ride several times without waiting. We would use the regular line during EE, then use the FP when the park opened and the lines were longer.

I plan to do to the same thing during our Easter trip.
In early March the crowds should be low. It's a good time to go to Disney.

During EMH it is very easy to get on the rides without a wait. Even at more crowded times you'll typically walk on many rides (or only wait a few minutes). The whole point of EMH is that you get to start going on the rides before the crowds come.

MK probably does get more crowded by 11:00 am on an EMH day than a non-EMH day. I, personally, do not think it is worth it to park hop (if staying out of your hotel all day anyway) or to avoid MK on an EMH day (assuming you plan on taking advantage of EMH). Three reasons for this: 1) in early March crowds in general will be low, even the MK on an EMH day; 2) by doing EMH you get ahead of the crowds, by the time the masses arrive you've already done the big stuff and are working on the other attractions that don't get crowded until a little later; and, 3) It will take you 45-60 minutes for you to leave MK, get to another park, and get oriented in that park - in that time you could have waited in several lines at MK.

BTW, your questions are not dumb and feel free to ask more.
Everything is relative...crowds in March are nothing compared to when we are going at Easter!
With that said, not sure how they compare to other regular times!


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