Dumb question: Can you get on the Monorail on a day when you don't enter the Parks?


DIS Veteran
Jan 17, 2001
Sorry to ask such a dumb question when I have been around here so much (I should know the answer by now - but I'm mostly on the Community Board).

*** Can you get on the Monorail and go to Restaurants at Disney Resorts on a day that you are not entering the Parks?

**** Also, can you go to Rainforest Cafe at Animal Kingdom without entering Animal Kingdom?

I am trying to decide how many Connections Meal Vouchers to buy.
It's not a dumb question at all. Yes, you can ride the monorail without a park admission or resort id.

As for the Rainforest, they have an entrance outside the turnstiles and one inside. So you can enter from outside. You will have to pay the $6 parking fee, however. There is another Rainforest Cafe in Downtown Disney where the parking is free.

Have fun. :)
Yes, you can use the monorail whethor you enter a park or not. I'd recommend a trip to the Contemporary, especially if you've not been there before (Chef Mickey's). Also, as Master Gracey said, the AK Rainforest Cafe has entrances both inside and outside the park. You will not have to pay to park there if you stay in a Disney resort, whethor you drive or use WDW transportation.

Riding the monrail and taking advantage of all the wonderful WDW has to offer for FREE is how we spend an entire day.

We had such fun visiting all the resorts (not in our budget) and riding the monorail and then taking the boat transportation was just a joy.

hope you have fun
Definitely not a dumb question. This is one of the things my DS loves to do on a non-park day. We ride around the monorail resorts and then we hop the monorail to Epcot and back again. Not only is it free, but it puts a great big smile on DS's face and that is priceless.



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