Earning My Ears
Mar 13, 2001
Any sugestions to make the time go by on a 16 hour drive to the world? Will have a 14 year old and 3 adults. Thanks.
We have approximately a 19 hour drive when we go to WDW. My teenagers take their Walkman's and CD's. They also have Gameboys that they take. I also get them new magazines that they like to read.
We have 5 kids, ages 8-14 and are veterans of many long drives. We always take: walkmans/cassette players with earphones, plenty of drawing paper and pens, books, handheld video games, decks of cards, and some trivia-type games (Outburst is a hit). Books on tape and CD's/tapes with old Bill Cosby routines are usually good for a few hours of entertainment. Have fun!
Thank you for the sugestions. We are thinking of renting a tv-vcr. It's only $9.99 a week! Uses the cig. lighter for power. Keep the posts coming. Thank you again.

Hey Ima, where in VA are you from that it takes 16 Hours to FL? I Drove from Columbus, OH to Orlando and it took 17 hours with only 13 1/2 hrs actual road time? Also, we took a tv/tape combo for our two kids. I took a 6 hr nap and we left at 11:20PM....less traffic but more boring for the driver. Good luck and have lots of fun!!!!!!
Please do tell I would love to have the option of driving again. I know that the TV/VCR would be the ticket to a more enjoyable trip. But by the time we purchase one and the cost of gas and overnight lodging. I would think that it would be a few hundred more to fly and rent the car.

There is a card game called Rubberneckers that is great. My kids (16 and 13) love this game. Basically, you have to find certain things along the way and interact with other cars, i.e. make a peace sign at a passing car - if they make one back you get extra points. It only takes us 14 hours to drive from Maryland. Have fun!
we have stores called "rent a center". they rent things like sofas, stereo's etc. Mostly over priced but the portable is very cheap. Look up rentals in the yellow pages. Keep the good suggestions coming. Thanks
Sorry geubux, forgot to answer your question. We live in the shenandoah valley. Use I-81 to I-77 to I-26 to I-95. Most maps say 12 and a half hours but it seems to take us 16 with stops. My husband has to stretch his legs every couple hundred miles. Also, if he drives it takes twice as long!!
I acquired my Disney 'addiction' later in life after children and divorce. My two boys and I made our first trip to WDW from Houston in 1992 when they were 8 and 2. I bought a TV & a VCR as one of the ways to keep them busy while I drove.

Over the years having that TV & VCR has kept them busy better than anything else that I've tried. We've driven coast to coast several times - The Sea to shining Sea Theme Park tourists, that's us! The same TV is still going strong, although the VCR had to be replaced a couple of years ago. The total cost amortized over the number of miles/trips is very small. Go for it!

Have fun!
My family always sings Disney songs and plays Disney Trivia in the car on the way. 17 hours straight from Detroit Michigan. Avg. 72 MPH.

We are practicing for Who Wants to be a Mouseketeer on the New Year's Cruise

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Where can I find the cards, rubbernecker? That sounds like fun. I went to K-mart and bought some called malarky. Should be good for a laugh. thanks
Hi! I ordered the Rubberneckers game from Buy.com. They usually ship items really quick and the prices are good. Enjoy!
we bought one of those tv/vcr combos that plug into the cig lighter for our 4 year old. It was about $250. and worth every penny. He watched Disney movies all the way to WDW. It was great!!!!!
Books mostly, they read, we've done books on tape and we read to them...last trip when they were 7 and 9 I'd read them a chapter from 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea periodically. This last trip with them in high school they had a lot of homework to do en-route as they didn't want to spend a lot of Dworld time on it, we also read some Agatha Christy to them...Greg
Buy a 13" combo, about $150 on sale or less, and buy a power converter. Then, you have a spare tv/vcr for the house and you can use the converter to run whatever you need to off the car/van whenever you might need it.

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Carole.....Rubberneckers is da bomb...lol...We play it all the time!!!!!


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