Disney World Projects for 1st grader missing school


DIS Veteran
Jan 3, 2008
I wouldn't try to force it. As others have said, they will be learning plenty.

That said, it wouldn't hurt to ask the teachers in advance. One year that we took DD out her teacher just requested that she keep a journal. That was fun because it gave DD something to do each day while the babies were napping and it was good to take some time to reflect about what she enjoyed. Another year her teacher told me that for science the kids would be studying plants so her assignment was to draw some pictures of new and exciting plants she encountered while in FL. Conveniently, our trip was during the Flower & Garden festival. We took pictures of lots of plants and their informational signs and then DD made a book (using the photos for reference for drawing and writing the names).


DIS Veteran
Jan 7, 2005
We pulled kid out of school for an annual trip for several years. The assignment was always the same. I would buy her a new spiral notebook and she would decorate the cover as My Disney Journal before we left home. Each day, she would draw a picture on one page, and write about her experiences on the other. When she was very little, she would do the drawing and I would write the narrative, but that quickly changed! I have saved those books over the years and they are priceless memories!


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