Discounted Flex Tickets through AAA

Cindy T

Earning My Ears
Oct 7, 1999
Has anyone purchased Flex Tickets from AAA lately? I have called both Universal and AAA several times and gotten a variety of answers to how the tickets will work. It looks like Flex Tickets have changed recently. Both 4 and 5 park tickets are good for 14 consecutive days now even though the prices have not increased. AAA is selling 4 park 7 day tickets that were regularly $169 for $150. They say that there is no way I could buy 4 park 14 day tickets in Orlando for $169. Apparently the communication between AAA and Universal is not very good. One person I spoke with at Universal said that I could buy the AAA tickets and they would be upgraded to 14 day tickets once I get to the park. Someone else told me that the AAA tickets must be good for only 7 days because they cost less. Yet AAA claims they are selling you the same tickets you would purchase at the park gate for a lower price. I can't get a straight story from anyone so I'm not sure what to buy :(

I'm with you. Bought AAA tickets - saw they were 7 day after they had provided me with a flyer that said 14 day. They refunded my money. We are there 10 days and I want to KNOW they are good for 14. The Universal ticket operator explains that a 4 park flex ticket is 169.55 - AAA's advertised Non-member price. I wonder if AAA discounts are applicable at the park?
Someone at the (800)UESCAPE number told me that the AAA discount at the park gates is only about $5.00 so I'm hoping I can get the $20.00 per ticket discount from AAA at my local branch. Maybe we'll have to call the ticket counter at Universal and ask if the 7 day AAA passes are really upgraded to 14 day tickets for free <IMG SRC="/infopop/emoticons/icon_confused.gif" alt="confused">


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