Did you do an excursion in Freeport?


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Jul 30, 2000
Still trying to decide what to do in Freeport on our Feb. 10 cruise. We have it narrowed down to kayaking, Lucayan Beach excursion, or saving $$ and staying on the ship. If your cruise went to Freeport, what did you do?

Also, I know I had responses to a previous post about Lucaya. However, this post was lost and I never got to read the comments! If you responded before, would you mind responding once again? Thanks so much!:earsboy:


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Aug 22, 2000
We stayed on the ship and hung out by the pool and on our veranda. It was a very relaxing day.


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Jan 8, 2001

I had cruised twice before and always (including this weekend) got the day at sea. Personally, I would rather stop in Freeport as I really enjoyed it. The large straw market is closed but their is a qaint and clean one in Port Lucaya and their is a nice beach right across the street from it. We are not beach folks, but we shared a taxi (which was a very small mini-van with another group that was going to Lucaya Beach for a minimal fee).

Folks in Freeport are in my opinion more laid back and friendlier. No one hassels you about buying anything or getting your hair barided like they do in Nassua. I mean it's available but it's not the same atmosphere. We had a great time and it really didn't take to long to get there from the ship. Freeport seems more open and residential and it was fun to see the McDonald's and Grocery Store just like where we live on our drive over. Their isn't a whole lot of commercialism, but it does give the island a different feel than Nassua. It's funny our taxi driver was telling my husband and I that he just got back from Tampa (where we live) and we were discussing his trip here! LOL! Some folks will tell you that it's to industrialized and yes, unfortunatley where they dock our ship their is some industries. But, the water is still a beautiful color and the smoke stacks and industries are just right there at the ship, so get off and go explore as it's a very clean and friendly place!

I wish I was going back to Freeport this Sunday! Enjoy your crusie!!!
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Mar 27, 2000
Check out www.unexso.com. We did the Video Snorkel Adventure ($88 for 2 adults and 2 kids) and LOVED it!! They were very nice and since we were the only ones signed up that day, the entire video is of us! My FAVORITE souvenier of the whole trip!!

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