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Jul 22, 2001
If I have two rooms assigned on Deck 2 (Cat. 9) underneath of WaveBands, what kind of noise cacn I expect?

Thanks for your thoughts!
What is wavebands? Is this the Wonder or the Magic? We stayed on deck 2 in room 2072 on the MAgic, and it was GREAT. I loved my room in the very middle of the ship and lower. It seemed more "stable" on those VERY rough sea days we experienced last fall. We didn't have hardly any noise,BUT in the morning, we could hear very briefly carts on wheels being pushed over our heads. We were right underneath Lumieres,and that long long hallway that runs from the atrium, to the back of the ship to the other restaurant on that floor...
Wavebands is the adult nightclub, and reports from those directly under the club say that you can hear the booming of the bass during dancing...which goes till 2:00 am many nights.

I'd bring ear plugs and/or a "white noise" machine just in case. :)
For the majority of the rooms, Deck 2 is very quiet and you should have no problem staying there. But there are some zones where staterooms are near loud mechanical equipment (electrical lockers, transformer rooms, a/c equipment rooms, ship's propellers, cargo hatches, etc.).

So with the disclaimer that "your mileage may vary" and that you may be willing to put up with the "dull roar" in exchange for a good fare, these are the rooms that are in noisy zones:

<nl><li>2000 - 2004
<li>2036 - 2045
<li>2078 - 2096
<li>2114 - 2129
<li>2139 - 2153
<li>2500 - 2520
<li>2534 - 2547
<li>2586 - 2600
<li>2630 - 2653</nl>

Also, on Deck 1, you might want to avoid 1030 - 1037.

The noise in these zones is not so loud that it would ruin your vacation, but if you are sensitive to noise, you would probably want to consider another room or be sure to bring earplugs to wear when you go to bed.

You will definitely hear the bass!
We were under there once and could hear it each evening. Fortunately, we were keeping late hours, so by the time we returned to our stateroom each evening, it would have taken an atomic blast to keep us awake. The good news is, it will be quiet overhead in the morning if you like to sleep in.
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