DD's 10, 8 & 2....Take the toddler???


Earning My Ears
Jan 1, 2002
We are flying down 1/17 - 1/23 and staying at OKW (2 BR). We had intended to leave the 2 year old at home and so booked our airline without her. Our 2 older daughters are 10 & 8 and we thought we would leave her at home for this next trip and concentrate on the bigger girls. We are DVC members so we will definitely be returning.

If we should change our minds last minute do you have any suggestions for dealing with the age gap? We took her as an infant (12 weeks) but she was easy to sling and swap. Also, we didn't book a plane ticket for her so I don't know if it's even feasable at this point.

Why take her?
Last time we can take her for free
She's too cute!
She would get a kick out of the characters
I would miss her (she's staying with my sister who's like a 2nd mom)

Why leave her?
Different interests with the older girls (took them at 4 & 6 and thought it was perfect age)
Dealing with cranky toddler
Not everyone can ride together
Picky eater
The almost 3 hour plane ride

I'm pretty sure we're set on the original decision, but the fact that I'm questioning it tells me I'm not 100% certain. Suggestions are welcome.
Is she 2 or almost 2? If she is already 2, then she is not free on the airline. (and believe it or not, the airlines have started to "card" kids who look too old -- it happened to me a week after my son's 2 yr birthday on Southwest.)

If she is free, I vote for taking her as long as you don't mind having to take her back for her nap time break. But I am biased, I am taking my 1.5 year old next week! My five year old is really excited about "showing his little sister the ropes" at Disney.
I would have to say take your 2 yr old.
I have never been to WDW with a 2 yr old, but my husband and I are taking are 2 and 3 yr olds in May.
I would look at it this way...years down the road, how will you explain why she isn't in the pictures of your trip with your other two kids?
I know toddlers are a lot of work, but maybe you could split up in the park at times. The older kids could do the big kid stuff and your toddler could do the toddler stuff. You and your husband could trade off on who goes where and when so you won't miss riding or seeing your kids ride something.
I hope this helps and I hope you have a great trip!
Guess what? We have three kids, 10, 8, and 2! :) We're taking the munchkin. He can do two hour car rides and last year's flight was fine, so I'm not expecting any problems.

Last year, all morning was family bonding time and we only went on rides or did things that he could do.

In the afternoon, we played it by ear. If he needed a nap, I took him back to the resort for a break. If he was fine, we kept going. Last year, he needed a nap every other day. We called him the energizer bunny - never cranky, either.

Sometime in the afternoon (sometimes before nap, sometimes after) he had an hour or so of just riding what he wanted to ride. I rode Dumbo and then Winnie the Pooh and then Small World several times.

The family would reunite around 5:00 and spend the evening together.

We plan to do the same thing this year. If DH takes the older ones to a water park, DS and I will be doing a Mommy-and-me day in Magic Kingdom. :)

If this were our first trip, I'm not sure I would like missing out on the older ones' reactions. Since you're DVC members, it's not a one-shot deal for you, so I'd go for it.

Me go see Mickey!

P.S. Baby-swapping didn't really work for us because our then 1 1/2 year old was too frustrated that he couldn't go on the ride, too. Waiting at the exit of the ride seemed to work well with babies under a year or with older scared kids that were CHOOSING not to ride.
I would leave her behind...especially if I had someone willing to take her for you! I was able to take my older daughters last year, and daddy stayed home with the little guy. I was great to have special time with my older (less dependant) children. My son is adorable, but he DEMANDS my time, and it was a real treat for my daughters to have me all to themselves...Good luck with your decision, I'm sure it will be a wonderful trip, whatever you decide!
I wouldn't leave her for the world. They're only little once, and there's nothing like seeing the wonder in a little one's eyes when they ride IASM or Dumbo. We took our 9 month old in December and it was a fantastic trip. I am savoring every moment of his babyhood.

Take her!!! I have four DD's ages 2, 5, 6, & 11. We just spent 9 nights in WDW in Dec. Although we spent most of our time doing "big girl" things, she had a blast! If you do take her..my 2yo really enjoyed: Playhouse Disney Live in MGM, all the parades, Beauty and the Beast in MGM, The Land in EPCOT (especially when they were able to help bake chocolate chip cookies at the Nestle counter!), and ofcourse pretty much everthing in MK! She also really got into character signings. Hope this helps. Enjoy your trip and this very special time with your children!!!
I have to agree with most and say take her if you can. I couldn't imagine leaving our 16mo dd behind for the 9 days we are going. His ds is 7 and will be a little frustrated about having to wait for diaper changes, baby swapping,etc - but by now she is starting to get used to him being around! JMHO


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