Day1-Getting there IS NOT half the fun and Serendipity at The Swan!


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Aug 18, 1999
First off let me say that I really REALLY needed this vacation and it almost ended up being cancelled. DS#2 hit a rather large patch of poison ivy and it took over his face like an alien life form!!
Once I noticed the invasion on his cheek, I immediately made an appointment w/our pediatrician, who took my advice and put him on a pediatric dose of liquid Prednisone--which meant he'd be taking it for the next 12 days. He's had two severe cases of poison ivy in the past, and his head basically was swollen up like a pumpkin!! Not a pretty sight, and not one to be taken to WDW, that's for sure!

By Saturday, he was showing signs of minor improvement, and I felt sure that he would continue to improve as the days went by.

Now that the prologue is out of the way, here's who we are; me, WDW fanatic and trip planner in dire need of a vacay. DH--not in need as badly as I, but just as excited (well, not maybe as excited as I was!) DS#1, age 11 and DS#2 age 10. Both BIG WDW resort pool fans!!

Monday, April 16th arrives!

I set the alarm for 4:30. I like to get up before everyone else for some peace and quiet and to get a few things ready before we leave.

We hit the road a little later than I had wanted, but what the heck. We were on I95 at approx. 7:10. We're on our way now!

We packed sandwiches and cold drinks in a collapsable cooler and also brought lots of snacks. The boys brought their Nintendo Gameboy Colors with them too. It kept them occupied a little. DS#1 also brought his Discman. It really seemed to preoccupy him. I remember at about his age I really started getting into music too.

Well, we drove, and drove and drove and drove. These road trips to WDW are really getting OLD! We need to start flying, and going less frequently or something because I'm really not handling it too well anymore!

Once we get to Jacksonville, we know it isn't too far away, but it's those last three hours that are the killer!!!

After passing through Jacksonville on I95, we hit a huge traffic jam. This was right around rush hour, and we had expected at least one or two set-backs. But this was a result of a horrible accident. It appeared that a vehicle had gone off the left hand side of the road and overturned. There was a stroller laying on the roadside, a tupperware container of sorts with little pieces of cut-up fruit scattered all over! I couldn't help but wonder what happened to the occupants of that vehicle. By the time we happened upon the scene, they had already been taken away via rescue squad. I hope they are okay, especially since it looked as though there was a child travelling with them!

About this time, DH was considering taking another route, but I advised against it, since we aren't that familiar with the area. We saw a sign for a Wendy's ahead, and took the exit to get a little something, and to stretch our legs!!!

It was about that time that I felt that "urgency" and "pressure." I have nobody to blame but myself. Two weeks ago I had my very first Urinary Tract Infection. I never knew what people were talking about until I had one myself. When I was stricken the first time, I was at work, alongside my very own GYN, who gave we a week's supply of Macrobid from his office. It works almost immediately. But I only took it for 3 days. I am a very non-compliant patient! I rarely, if ever, take the entire recommended course of meds. BUT--something told me to bring what I had left along on this trip. I not only brought the Macrobid, I was basically a walking drugstore! I had it ALL with me just in case! But it was stored safely away on our rooftop luggage carrier!

So, as we drove and drove and drove, and I sat there being the most uncomfortable person you ever saw, I counted down the exits to The Swan!

Finally, there is a God! There was our exit 26B!!! As we followed the road for the Epcot Resorts, it wasn't long before we could see the Swan and Dolphin resorts. Did you know that the Swan and Dolphin are the only resorts visible from all four parks?

We pulled up to the curb, and ran in! Well, I was the only one doing the running--straight for the ladies room!

After I took care of business, we checked in. We had no wait at all and it only took about 5 minutes, if that!

Before we had our luggage brought up, I wanted to go immediately to the room, to see what kind of view we had! We were assigned to room 524 on the east side of the building.

As we walked down the corridors, I couldn't help but notice how cheerful and colorful they were! This was my kind of place! We entered our room, and after visiting the bathroom again (ugh!) I immediately walked onto our balcony to check out the view! (Thanks to SwanDolphin!)

And what a lovely view it was! We could see the entire white sandy beach area, part of the Grotto Pool, and part of the lake that services the water taxis! We were the second room from the end of the east wing!! The view was a sight for sore eyes! I was just as happy to sit out there the rest of the night while DH took the boys down to the Grotto Pool (after we unpacked.) I was in no shape to go anywhere--plus I had to wait for the Macrobid RX to kick in. The only mistake I made was taking the Macrobid on an empty stomach. I'll never do that again. Now I had stomach cramps to add to the discomfort.

Well, as you can read (if you're still with me) it wasn't an easy task getting there. But we made it, in one piece and things can only get better from here---or do they?

Offsite 7/94, Offsite 9/95, Shades Of Green 4/98, Dixie Landings 11/98, Coronado Springs 8/99, Polynesian 1/00,
I agree...getting there is a big pain...but once youre there, [COLOR=deeppinkiIts GREAT[/COLOR]
Oh my gosh what a way to start your trip. I feel for you. As a suffer of these infections I know they are awful. I hope you improved with a dose of Disney.
Don't you just let out a sign of relief as your enter into the Disney area! :bounce: It's like coming home.

Delaney, I was never so happy to see the sign as you enter! Especially after that drive down!!
I am sorry that your trip did not start in the best way but hopefully it gets better from here.

Don't you just hate those UTI's? :mad:

Blondie glad to hear you all arrived safely. A 2 hour ride is long enough for me. Hope you are feeling better soon.

Glad to hear you are feeling better, those a a curse luckily I only had a brief encounter with that awful problem too, talk about pain!!!!!

Sorry to hear about your son too!!!

Sounds like you room was wonderful though!

Off to installment #2! :D


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