Day Five

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    Me (londonpenguin), 34
    My BF, 40!

    Day Five, September 11

    BF’s 40th birthday! I’d teased him quite a bit last night: “This is the last dinner you’ll have in your thirties.” “That’s the last beer you’ll drink in your thirties.” Etc. I think he was glad to turn 40 just to shut me up.

    Took the bus to MK. Stopped off at Guest Relations to get a birthday badge. The CM sniffed, “They’re really more for kids” (Oh, yeah? Read the DISBoards, lady.), at which point BF decided he didn’t want to wear it. He kept taking it off when I wasn’t looking, and I’d have to holler at him to put it back on.

    Started out in Tomorrowland, the entry to which is certainly different than at Disneyland -- more picturesque, I thought. Did PeopleMover first (I don’t care what it’s called now, it’s still the PeopleMover), which is much missed at Disneyland. The CM wished BF a happy birthday. Did Buzz Lightyear’s Space Ranger Spin (BF got almost 60,000 points; I got, like, 2,000) before heading off to find breakfast, which we found at the bakery on Main Street. Sat outside to eat and watched ducks and a lone bunny rabbit. Very pleasant, but it started to rain – not enough to concern a Seattleite, but still enough to be a bit annoying.

    Fantasyland next, but the castle was partially closed for renovation, so we had to walk around the side. Really, the most unlikely-looking people go to Disney parks. We walked behind a woman with a terrible blonde dye job, with her hair cut short in the front and on the sides, but left butt-length in back. She was with a guy who looked like he might be a Hell’s Angel in his spare time. He had about 15 studs in one ear. And there they are, strolling into Fantasyland. Quite the picture.

    Did Snow White first, where BF got wished a happy birthday again. (In fact, he got it several times throughout the day, including a couple times from non-CMs. One guy from North Carolina even gave BF a quarter! Teeheehee!) Then over to Peter Pan, which was a bit different from D-land, as was IASW.

    (Have you ever noticed that a lot of Disney rides follow the same pattern? Stuff’s good, stuff’s bad, then stuff’s good again.)

    We stood in line for Winnie the Pooh (did this use to be Mr. Toad?), while they had the minute’s silence at noon. There wasn’t really an announcement though, so very few people in the line realized it was going on. The line was nowhere near silent.

    There were a bunch of characters across the way, including Jafar (who was more interesting than scary to an adorable little baby) and Cruella deVil. BF took my photo with the Queen of Hearts. I really must work on my curtsey. I don’t think I got down low enough.

    Back to Tomorrowland to do Space Mountain, which I didn’t like. This is one of my four favorite rides at D-land, but I didn’t think it was nearly as fun at MK. For one thing, where was the music? The only thing I did like about it was the seating configuration. Alien Encounter was scary-fun, especially as we had no idea what to expect. I can see it being way too intense for kids though.

    BF talked me into going on Splash Mountain, so I put my rain jacket on. I think BF was a bit embarrassed by that, and the others in line were kind of laughing at me, but at least I didn’t get soaked! Splash was different from D-land too, but it was good. So was Big Thunder.

    All the lines were so short!

    Walked back to the castle in the hopes of getting lunch at CRT (it was about 2:15), but all their lunch seatings were booked. Shoot! Oh, well, that’s what happens if you don’t get a PS. So we walked over to the Plaza. The lady at the podium outside took our name and told us to have a seat, it would be a few minutes. Sat there watching as several other couples/families walked up and were let right in. Finally, BF asked what the deal was, and the lady at the podium (a different lady now) couldn’t find our name anywhere. Instead of just seating us or apologizing, she made a huge show of trying to find the slip of paper the other lady had written our name on. That kind of crap seriously ticks me off. So we decided to bag the Plaza and got counter service at the Plaza Pavilion instead. I had some sort of Italian sandwich, which was good but enormous.

    Caught the Share a Dream Come True parade. Good villains float! (Um, “float” being a noun, not a verb, in that last sentence.)

    Finished up the rides with Pirates of the Caribbean and Jungle Cruise, where everyone had to sing Happy Birthday to BF. The birthday badge came off for good after that. (BF took several photos in the area around POFC and JC, including one of a pagoda. We have no idea what this pagoda is. Can anyone help?)

    Shopped a bit on Main Street (yay, magnets!), and BF bought his mom a t-shirt of Donald Duck pitching a fit because when his mom gets mad, she looks an awful lot like Donald Duck pitching a fit. (We laughed ourselves silly in a gift shop in the Disneyland Hotel a few years ago when I picked up a mug with an angry-Donald drawing on it. Naturally, we bought it for BF’s mom, and an angry-Donald magnet followed a few years later. We may have to run for our lives when she sees the t-shirt.)

    As we left MK, we decided to ride the Monorail just for fun. So we got to see the Contemporary, the Poly and the GF. Oo, I want to stay there!

    Came back to the room, and a Mickey Kool-It Keepsake (or whatever it’s called) was delivered to BF from Gracie and Chloë (well, actually, from me). Also, my mom and BF’s mom had called to wish him a happy birthday.

    Had dinner at Bongo’s. I had filet mignon, which was pretty darn tasty. BF had mahi mahi (or was it ahi?) said it was very good. Decided against dessert, as someone with a cigar had just been seated in the booth next to us, and I wanted to get out of there ASAP.

    Played a bit at DisneyQuest, then went to the Cirque du Soleil shop where I bought (can you guess?) a magnet for Alegria. (Saw the show twice in London, but neither time were they selling magnets.) Bummed that La Nouba wasn’t showing while we were there. Went to Virgin again, and this time I bought a book and a box of stretch cards for BF.

    Back to the room via the Food Court (mmmm … chocolate pudding!). So glad and thankful that this 9/11 was better than last year.
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    Fun reports. After reading your intro I thought well we'll see . . but your reports were alot of fun to read. I think the same thing about water parks & thighs!!! thanks for posting!
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    Great reports! The pagoda is at the top of the Tiki Birds Pavilion in case no one answered your question yet :D
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    Aug 18, 2001
    Sounds like a good day!

    Thanks for the report!
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    Thanks for the info on the pagoda. I can now label my photo with confidence!


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