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    Hi, i am planning to go to WDW soon and one of things i have recently come across with my reading is the DAS. I have read up about it including on this forum but I’m not sure if i will be allowed one.

    I do have several non visible health issues but the relevant one is that i suffer from severe panic attacks when i am in what i call a “crush situation”. What i mean by that is when i am surrounded by a large crowd tightly oressed and also surrounded by barriers, whther they are walls, fences, whatever.

    I am totally fine with crowds otherwise and i have no issue with enclosed spaces that don’t involve other people pressing against you.

    What i would ideally like is a DAS which would allow me to avoid queuing areas where large crowds are penned in on all sides. Would i be eligible for a DAS as it’s a vague and minor issue. And will the Guest Relations team have info about what type of queuing area is used for each attraction?
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    While none of us can make that call, I think you'd probably be eligible for a DAS. The issue is the DAS does not allow you to bypass a lot of the areas that are known for the "crowding" as they are after the FP and standard queue merge point. The DAS is only to receive a return time, so you can wait outside the main queue. You will still wait in the FP queue (15-20 minutes) and it does not provide a separate space for the ones that group you like Little Mermaid, Mickey's Philharmagic, Muppets, or Laugh Floor, or really any of the "show" type attractions. Your best approach is to either hang to the back of the grouping area or ask the CM if there is a place to hang behind. Some of the attractions themselves crowd you in like the Haunted Mansion stretch room, but again, ask the CM if you can bypass it.
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    I can't speak to whether that is DAS-eligible as I never tried for one, but I have similar issues, or as I call it "people claustrophobia." With the lines, it will help if you have at least one other person with you. Have that person stand a couple feet behind you in line to create a buffer so people don't get right on top of you. Then you can stand a couple feet back from the person in front of you as well. In standby or FP line, you're inevitably going to encounter people who want to stand practically on top of you, and oftentimes CMs will encourage people to group closer together. This happens a lot in the waiting area for all the shows as well. The best thing I found to deal with the show waiting areas is to hang back to the side away from everyone and if a CM tells me to move, politely ask if I can hang back and explain why. They've never had a problem once I explain.

    It's possible DAS could help, but you'd still have to stand in the FP line once your wait time is up. The line crowding isn't any easier in the FP line, and you will still encounter people who stand too close for comfort. Many FP lines will still be in buildings with walls/fences, etc fairly close. You can't totally avoid that. The wait in the FP line is just shorter, and oftentimes less themed. Many lines do snake around next to each other so sometimes you will have people on either side of you, just separated by the metal queue fencing. For a couple rides, this will be outside, others it's all inside a building, and some have a combination of both. For the indoor lines especially, there's often some sort of cool theming to look at, which helped to distract me some from the people and give me something else to focus on.

    Also, if you have trouble with people being super close in outdoor areas too, I would strongly suggest hanging back at park close. The masses of people exiting the park at once can be incredibly overwhelming, especially if you don't like people touching you.
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    As other have said you might get a DAS you will need to go to GR and explain your needs as it has to do with waiting in line. With that said you will still have to wait in line and often the part that you wait in can be very crowded. ( like TOT and RNR have pre show where you are in a room with a lot of people ) so I would find some type of strategy for copping with a lot of people being around you for at lest 10 minutes maybe longer
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    My experience has been that GR tends to not have information about individual attractions; I believe they would most likely direct you to ask the CM at each attraction what the conditions are like.
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    Beware of haunted mansion - even after the line it is a crushing situation! They pack people into the loading area after you leave the stretch room. They start with a fairly wide opening and narrow it to a one person width. I absolutely hate it. People packed in like cattle herding. But once you get through that bottle neck the ride is great. But that line is a nightmare for me

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