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    I've been part of an e-mail for the last 9 years. There are 7 of us in the loop and we've been e-mailing on a daily basis all that time. We've shared births, deaths, divorces, moves, etc. Some of us have met and I've been trying to get everyone together for a weekend but because we are all over the country, it hasn't happened yet. My point is, we are close.

    It occured to me that something could happen to one of them and the rest of us would have no idea...they would just disappear. So we made a plan.

    If you also have people you keep in touch with on a regular basis online, like many of us here do, you may want to think about it too.

    Make sure your spouse, s/o, parent, or some other responsible person knows your passwords and screen names for the message boards you visit. Make sure they can find the important people in your e-mail address book. Someone that can notify your cyber friends if anything happens to you. Your friends will want to know and will start worrying if they don't hear from you after awhile.

    Personally, I have a folder under my favorites link that has all of the message boards I visit. I sent myself an e-mail with all of my screen names and passwords to those boards and then put it in my saved mail folder. I showed my husband how to find those links and that e-mail. Only once has he needed to use it, but I was grateful when he did.
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    I had a terrible childhood (thanks to a certain brother) which left me emotionally scarred.

    My "inner-otter" listens well & never contradicts or judges me.

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