Curious?? Groceries in your room


Earning My Ears
Feb 27, 2001
This maybe the wrong place to ask this. But I see alot of you speak of stopping by the grocery store and bringing your own food. Do the resorts mind? Between cereal, milk, juice, snacks, etc. You'll have as many grocery bags as suitcases. They do not have a problem with this? :rolleyes:


Earning My Ears
Mar 14, 2001
I have never had anybody say anything to me about my "extras". I always have them in a cooler and they even carry my cooler to the room.(I give nice tips for this) So go for it!!Have a Great Disney Day!!

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Earning My Ears
Feb 27, 2001
Thanks for the reply. I was wondering how they felt about the cooler full of food and if you needed to be discreet about it.


DIS Veteran
May 23, 2000
I'm not sure if people are serious but I think those who say they bring toasters, microwave and their own electric coolers are over the line. I don't have a problem with snacks, drinks etc. I think people who want to cook meals should stay at a place with kitchen facilities. Meals are more expensive in a deluxe resort (no food court) and that is a cost to be considered when deciding where to stay.

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