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Discussion in 'The Creative Community' started by deadhedjen, Sep 22, 2005.

  1. deadhedjen

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    Aug 23, 2005
    I know you folks here will be able to help me out, lol.

    Next summer my family will be sharing our vacation with dear friends of ours. This will be the first time either family will be vacationing with another family. Our families are very much alike and only really do 1 vacation a year. We all work all year long awaiting that one really great vacation. I'm honored that they would want to spend that time with our family. I just want to do a little something (without going overboard) to say "thanks" for sharing your vacation with us.

    Does that sound corny??
    I don't want them to feel uncomfortable that they feel they would have to now do something in return. (and feel they would have to scramble around on their vacation trying to do so) I don't want anything in return (obviously, lol) I just want to do something nice.
    A few ideas I'm considering include:

    a small gift basket (snacks, bottle of wine, etc)

    2 dining vouchers and a babysitting "coupon" for our friends to enjoy a dinner alone (we'd watch the kids or pay to have them go to kids club)

    a simple "thank you" card

    Whaddya all think??? ridiculous or reasonable????
    I'm sure you can help me out with some good ideas/suggestions. Thanks in adavnce!

    Jennifer. :sunny:
  2. pfishgirl

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    Nov 27, 2001
    question first, to get the creative juices flowing, Where are you going?? Disney or elsewhere?? :confused3
  3. goofymom/pop

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    Jan 2, 2001
    If your going to Disney why not do something that would be for the entire group (your family included) that would be fun. This way they won't feel strange about getting a gift.

    Some things I have done:

    Brought kites for the kids for a windy day (we went in spring)

    Pool toys for each child

    Disney pins and lanyards for the children. (if your going to disney and can find them cheap)

    Planned dinner ressies, to take the stress off the other family. I did all the calling. (again if your going to disney)

    Brought candy I knew they liked and put it in dishes around our condo.

    Brought a pool raft for my girlfriend to float on.

    Oh and when I took my sister and her kids to Disney for their first ever trip I shopped for months to make it special (not a thank you just plain fun for me and them!) I found disposable cameras, disney duffle bags on wheels ($5), disney hats ($2), disney water bottles ($2) mini mickeys ($1 disney store) autograph books and pens, fanny packs, mickey playing cards.....oh my I had a ton of very inexpensive stuff. I gave them a (the 3 kids) a gift a day for 2 weeks prior to the trip to keep up the spirit. And on one day on the trip while my sis loaded the kids up in the car, I went back to the room and put the mini mickeys on their beds. They loved it! They were 2 boys 7 and one girl 10.

    I don't think you have to do a real thank you, as they are asking you to go along and pay your share from the sounds of it. But a little planning can make it fun for you and them.

    Let us know where your going, ages of the kids, and then we can really help you spend your money.... :teeth:
  4. deadhedjen

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    Aug 23, 2005
    Thanks for the ideas so far....
    Yes, we are going to Disney. We are paying for our part of it...they are paying for theirs.
    So far I have been picking up things for the kids like crazy. I can't stand to pass up a Disney bargain, lol! Whenever I see something, I get enough for 7 kids (mine and theirs combined).
    I've picked up tons of pins on eBay, some 4th July doo-dads on clearance (we're going for the 4th July 2006....I know I am an over-planner, don't laugh,, and I plan on buying a bulk purchase of light up-glow necklaces for our kids to use at the parks at night.
    But I still want to do something nice for my friend and her husband. I also thought about making matching shirts for all of us, but I have to run that by her first in case that's not their kind of thing. BTW, I already bought us all lime green shirts just in case, lol. This really is a sickness you know... :rotfl: :rotfl: :rotfl: :rotfl:
    I also thought about giving them something BEFORE we leave instead of when we get there. I thought about getting a guide book, a water mister, maybe some lanyard ID holders, and other typed of park must-haves.
    Now I'm counting on your ideas to really help me decide on exactly what to do. I just LOVE everything Disney and live for any excuse to buy/shop for upcoming trips. I think your ideas so far are great!!
    Keep them coming!

    Jennifer. :flower:
  5. onedisneylover

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    Jul 20, 2001
    maybe you could just make a simple scrapbook before you go and present it to them just after you all check in. there are some really simple ones in that little mini simple scrapbook magazine. they are all using 8x8 scrapbooks. all they would have to do is just add pictures.

    make an awesome dedication page about the pleasure it is to be sharing the trip with them, the fun times they will have, and hopefully more memories to be shared in the years to come.

    that way it really isn't something monetary so that they wouldn't feel badly about, or want to do the same.

    being that the trip is so far in advance, why don't you all just plan a night out separate from each other, so only 1 couple goes to and just trade off nights.

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