CR to Boma? Need your expert advice.


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Dec 12, 2000
We are staying at the CR next week and would like to try out Boma. I am thinking that the best way to get there would be to walk over to MK, and take the bus to AKL. When we are going home (probably around 7 or so), I think we will need to take a bus to Epcot because MK will be closed -- and then monorail back to CR. Am I thinking this through correctly? How much time should I allow to get there? Is there a better way to do this? A cab will not work because we will have my 1.5 DD with us and I don't want to lug around the carseat.


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Mar 1, 2000
We stayed at POR in November and went to BOMO for an early dinner. After many trips to Disney we have found the best way to get to another resort is to take a bus to one of the parks and then from the park go to the next resort. We have found that the bus to the magic kingdom seems to run the most frequent so your plans are right on target. As far as getting home. Remember that buses will run from up to one hour after the park closes. This means that you may still be able to take the bus back to the magic kingdom. (It worked for us.) Don't rush your dinner. If things run late then just take the epcot bus and use the monorail to get back to the hotel.
PS: BOMO is wonderful. I think it's the best food on Disney property.


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May 31, 2000
I agree that walking to the MK and taking the bus will work fine. The buses are very close to CR, so you'll have an incredibly short walk.

Just ask at Guest Services if the buses are still running to MK when you're done. They may not have their signs on because they won't be picking people up after the park has closed, but they should be able to radio a bus that's dropping people off to pick you up.