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Aug 3, 2016
Not trying to convince you to apply, but if you think your family might cruise DCL again or visit WDW/DL in the future, the perks you get won't necessarily be one-time (perks do change over time, though). Plus, as long as you have the cash to pay off the balance in full on whatever you end up charging, you don't have to worry about interest charges. However, you do have to be disciplined enough not to charge for things you don't have the cash to cover when the statement arrives. Plus, you have to remember to pay on time to avoid fees. In general, as long as you pay off the balance, all credit cards perks/discounts are essentially freebies that help stretch your vacation dollars further.

Maybe I need to convince him we should get a Disney card and then convince him we need more Disney trips to use the perks.:D
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Apr 9, 2016
My guess is you can work with Costco to massage that date. They like you to be paid in full before DCL wants the money so they aren't chasing after you. If you're mostly paid and you can get a supervisor to put it in your file that you intend to pay a little later than they'd like, I bet it would be fine.


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Dec 28, 2011
Most, if not all, debit cards are either Visa or MC. The only difference is the fund comes straight out from the linked bank account.

Not here in Canada, ours are almost always direct link from our bank. We have the opposite issue you do, a lot of places won't take the Visa/MC ones, especially online...


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May 17, 2006
I know this doesn't apply in the OP situation, but I just want to remind cruisers, to look at the date Costco requests payment to the date your booking window opens due to your Castaway Club status.

If I had waited to pay my cruise when they required payment, or when Disney required payment for the matter, I would have completely missed the first day I could book activities as it relates to my club level.

This may be glaringly obvious for cruisers, but I was surprised the first time it happened to me. So if you are above Silver, you should check your dates carefully.


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