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    Jan 29, 2001
    Do any canadians bring these down to WDW with them? If so, where have you purchased them? Costco said they have some soft sided coolers for $25, but never explained if they were collapsable. Also, do you know if they would keep milk cold and do I have to keep ice in there? I have never had a collapsable cooler before and really don't know what they are like, but it seems to be such a money saver and I need all the savings I can get.

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    Feb 4, 2001
    Hi Jolene

    We just got back about a week ago. I am experiencing Florida withdrawals. Ha Ha

    Anyway, I bought a collapsable cooler for the trip, it worked out wonderful. I bought it at Liquidation World for about $7 and it seemed big enough. We packed it full of drinks for the ride down and I had frozen a few bottles of water so that the pop would stay cool. That worked out great then I had water to drink when it melted. Big money saver too, not having to keep spending money for pop.

    We then kept milk and other things for our trip in it. Our sons ate cereal every morning except for a couple mornings where we went out for a character meal. Another good money saver to eat in the room for breakfast. I used zipper bags with ice in them for the cooler, that way everything would not get wet. I think the cooler could leak too if I did not use the bags for ice.

    The cooler fit better too in the Durango instead of a hard shell cooler so that your drinks were at hand instead of at the back of the vehicle.

    Have a great trip
    Debbie:wave: :earsboy:

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