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Jan 28, 2000
I just wanted to let everyone know that we were over at IOA this morning and the coasters were closed due to the cool weather. They ended up starting late in the morning. We had an Express ticket and had got up early and got there in good time. We rode Spiderman and headed for the Fearfall ride, only to find it closed as it was too cold to run. We headed for the Hulk and it too was closed as was all the coasters. The temp needs to be at least 40 degrees. We were not aware of this and did not check the weather. So, I would suggest if it's going to be a chilly winter check the temps in the morning and decide 'whether' or not you want to get some more sleep or stand around in the cold. ;) We were very pleased however when the staff members at both Fearfall and Hulk allowed us to enter the exit and go right on when we returned later in the afternoon explaining the situation to them. :D
We take off for Orlando on Friday Jan 5th and as the forecast looks variable, that's good to know ! What did you think of IOA ? I've not been to Orlando since it opened so I am really looking forward to going there !!



4 Days And Counting !!! :eek:

:cool: :) <IMG WIDTH="15" HEIGHT="15" SRC="/infopop/emoticons/icon_razz.gif" alt="razz"> :rolleyes: :D :) :cool:
Thanks for the warning... :(

We leave for Orlando in the morning and I was wondering how the weather was affecting the parks... Oh, well...


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All coasters (steel coasters in particular) have a minimum temperature in which they can run. It involves many factors - but the biggest one involves the lubricant on the track. Many people will comment that a coaster is "better" once it warms up, and this relates to the same point. A coaster that starts first thing in the morning when it is too cold is in danger of a rollback (not making it all the way around the track). Obviously, IOA would prefer to wait an hour or two in the early morning to open up a coaster, then to risk having it closed all day due to a rollback.

Over the past week and a half - we've pushed the rides to their limits in terms of temperature (yes, there were a few vacationers riding Bluto's when the outside temp. was 31 degrees!) But, as a general rule, here are the minimum temps the rides listed below will operate:

Dragons: 28 degrees
Pteranadon Flyers: 32 degrees
Hulk: 30 degrees
Doom: 34 degrees

All other attractions were not affected by the cold.

Also, Doom is a slightly different issue as the ride uses compressed air to operate. The moisture in the air - combined with the compression - needs to be at least 34 degrees to insure icing does not occur on the valves within the ride mechanics.

Hope this helps




Let's just say that those temps are representitive. A serious issue on the coasters is the change in the urethane compound in some wheels when the temps drop below 32 and the effect on the axle lubricants. The trains run incredibly slow in the cold.

Almost everywhere else these type of rides exists the parks are closed for the season. Thank goodness that it doesn't get this cold here very often. Typically everything will be up and running by the time the temps get in the mid to upper 30's.
That's okay. I wouldn't run when it was in the 30's either. Now someone reassure me that it will not be in the 30's in March! ;) I don't even own a pair of gloves! Didn't a while ago Earl or someone mention big heaters at IOA? If so, did they ever materialize and are they still available?

It wont be cold in March!

I can't recall is ever being cold around or after my birthday till the autumn, and my b-day is the 18th and i've lived here my whole life. It will probably be much warmer in a matter of days. Cold weather comes and goes so fast here... Heck, in between the two cold spurts there was a day where it was actually like "hot" outside.
Just a quick question to the coaster buffs:

Are those temps for startup only?

New Years Eve was below freezing. For the fireworks show, the closed Doom and Hulk. I noticed they continued to dispatch the coaster regularly throughout the hour and half they were closed. Doom they did not.

They reopened the que for hulk after the show (if radio was right I think it was like 28???) We did notice they had shut down the mist under the tunnel, but there was obvious ice on the tracks.

The coaster felt like it ran great...We rode it 5 times straight to the end of the night.

So the question is, do those temps indicate operation temps or startup temps? I would assume the coasters operation produces heat?

Any ideas? (or were they just pushing my luck and 9 lives?)

;-) Jonathan
The Hulk was cycled, for the first time ever, during the fireworks show in order to keep the wheels, tracks, and lubricants warm. It was extremely unusual but needed to be done in order to insure the ride could reopen after the fireworks.

Typically, it's "cold weather starts" that all types of coasters don't like very well.

Doctor Doom shut down around 10:15pm once the temperature dipped below 34 degrees (the minimum temperature allowed to run per the manufacturer).
Hey we all thought it was cool to see.
They should encorporate that into a fireworks show sometime...Someone is that creative!

btw: I was over on the wall in Dr. S land. Anyone else notice how much fallout we got hit with? I got hit in the head with falling debris after the finale...( lawsuit). We collected some for keepsake.
I knew we should put some big rocks in the fireworks (just kidding). Loric, man you're in Riverview. That's south, I'd say almost the tropics (lol). Lately that's been south of the freeze line. In Orlando we are going on 4 days straight of freeze warnings (-30) in town. The weatherman just said that we will be below freezing tonight for seven hours.

BTW, it's staying cold enough, long enough during the day that Hulk is close to shutting down for running to slow. This is a launch system issue and is not for the typical reasons. If the weather does what is supposed to do and warms up this weekend, everything will be fine.
Rocks? Nah That would be disney style. Should have put boulders in.

Have they ever had the fallout problem they did NYE or do they consider that to have been a problem?
Last week in Glasgow,Scotland I rode Drop Zone.It is basically the same as Dr.Doom and it was minus 2 so I can`t understand why it has to be 40 degrees or more for Dr.Doom.
Is that -2 on the same scale? The temperatures mentioned above have all been in degrees Fahrenheit.
All I can say is it's a S&S Sports Power product and they ran it below 38 degrees (f), they were doing it at their own risk. If something has of happened, S&S would have no liability. It's in the manual for the ride.


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