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  1. newscick27

    newscick27 Mouseketeer

    Jan 28, 2005
    Are there coffee pots in the room at ASMo? if not, can they put one in for you?

    I dont know if my MIL can survive without her coffee!!!

  2. CaipiraBob

    CaipiraBob "Perfectly content to be an absolute caveman"

    May 5, 2002
    May I suggest that rather than rely on the resort to bring:

    1) Your own coffee.
    2) Your own water (seriously.)
    3) Your own percolator or drip machine.

    We have been doing it for the past five years. Water at Disney world is pumped to your room directly from the 7 Seas Lagoon. Not really, but it tastes just like it. My eyes tear up when I think of what it does to coffee.

    In all honesty the tap water at Disney is nearly undrinkable, foul swill that makes your coffee experience more of a punishment than pleasure. :crazy2:

    Says a lot for Disney that we keep going back, considering the extent of my caffeine addiction. :worship:

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