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Jul 3, 2000
We are going to WDW the end of April. We want to do 2 or 3 character meals. I have my 8 yo son, 10 yo sister and my daughter will be 20 months old.

My sister of couse wants Cindy's castle so that we will do for breakfast but I am not sure what to do for the other 2. My son loves goofy and mickey. Any suggestions would be great. We are staying at All Star Sports.

Also what ages are usually considered child? my 20 month old does not eat much and we usually feed her off of our plates.

Do you also try and plan them during off hours such as an early or late dinner?

Hi there! We are going in April too. dh, me and dd 7 yo, ds 15 months old. We have already PS for Chef Mickey Breakfast, AK Donald Breakfastosaurus, 1900 Park Fair GF Character breakfast, dd will be going the GF for the Wonderland Tea Party and I will be booking Crystal Palace character dinner and Cinderella's Royal Table Character breakfast in Feb (60 days prior PS). Last vacation we did Cinderella's character breakfast, Crystal Palace character dinner, Garden Grill Character dinner at Epcot and others at our resort. If you are looking for character meal budget tips, might I suggest that you do character breakfasts instead of dinners. I think character breakfasts really set the day up great! Everyone is hungry, happy and on time! Dinner with kids is unpredictable, they (and you) might be full, tired, cranky and LATE! The nice thing about big breakfasts for our family is that we aren't hungry the rest of the day. A little dinner snack does us fine. It saves a ton of $$$$$$ and like I said , great way to start the day.

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Hi Lisa! It sounds like Cindys for the 10 year old and maybe Chef Mickeys? Its located in the Contemporary Resort. Mickey, Minnie, Goofy and Donald are all there. They serve breakfast and dinner I believe. Under age two is free. Make sure to call 60 days out for those Cindys reservations, they go VERY quick!!

The Crystal Palace in MK has very good food as well. Pooh and friends are your characters there, and they serve Breakfast lunch and dinner. What great decisions to be making! Have fun!
Libery tree dinner - No Mickey, but you get Minnie, Goofy, Pluto, Chip & Dale - it's all you can eat family style, beef, turkey, ham, mac-n-cheese offered for kids, etc.

We're gonna try the Villans dinner at 1900 Park Fare for the first time (for us) in Feb.

We are budget vacationers (like to take as many trips as possible, one to WDW each year) - we stay offsite, each breakfast in our room, and our expensive meal is usually a late lunch, lower prices. We then often have sandwiches, what not at the hotel at night. (We also do a lot of snacking at the park, junk food lovers) - but always do at least one Dinner as well....

Pardon my lack of knowledge, but I haven't heard of the villian meal at the GF...who is usually there?
Hey Lisa - another Jerseyan here (from Woodbridge). Just back from WD in Nov. and the character meals will be great for the kids but don't over do it. Many of the buffets have the same type of foods and for 19.95 per adult and 14.95 per child 3-11 these dinners add up. Definately do Cindy's its simply magical especially for girls. Although we love the Crystal Palace, I thought the character interaction was the best at Chef Mickey's in the Contemporary. Here'a a money saving suggestion. Grab a muffin at the food court in the a.m. then head to the parks and book a late breakfast seating at about 10:45, it's cheaper and then you can skip lunch or book a late lunch (also cheaper) and eat a light dinner at the food court at the end of the night If your kids love Mickey don't forget to be in Mickey's Toontown Fair when it opens You'll get to see Mickey and Minnie without having to pay for a meal. Have a great vacation.


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