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Earning My Ears
Jan 17, 2002
Can anyone tell me a little more about the Captain's Gala. We are going on the 3/20/02 7 day cruise on the Magic. I know the dress is formal but what exactly is the Gala? Do we still go to our assigned dining rotation but in formal wear? This is our second Disney Cruise, but the first 7 day one.
I'm interested in the response to this question as well. We have been on the 4 day, but not the 7 and I would love to start wardrobe planning now for our July 4th cruise. We're traveling with two 18 year old females and you can bet what to wear/bring is on the top of their priority list. ;)
Hi. I just read your post. Although I cannot answer your question about the gala, my question or comment is that we are also going in March but on the 23rd. Are you sure that is not the date you are sailing? We have two kids. A girl almost 11 and a boy 7 1/2. Let me know if you get an answer to your question!:pinkbounc

You still go to your assigned rotation restraurant. Gala is simply a descriptive word that sounds good! It was formal -go and enjoy!
Gala refers to what is going on in the Atrium area prior to dinner - you can get photo's taken, socialize, and waiters will be wandering around with drinks that you can purchase. Plus I believe there are usually a few officers wandering around.
Actually, when we went on our cruise, on our formal night the drinks the waiters were carrying around on little trays (also has sushi and other fancy finger foods) were FREE... I was leery at first after the rather sneaky way you learn the drinks cost quite a bit, so we passed on them. But they said they were complimentary that night, so my hubby took advantage and drank several drinks before dinner and they really WERE free.
I'm bummed - to think I could have had free drinks. Well, we'll just have to rectify that situation on our next cruise this October - thanks for the info!
Hey Firefighter... We went last October on that much heard about mystery cruise, but just to make sure everyone knows what I meant, We DID have free drinks, but ONLY once ( I THINK once, maybe twice??)... So no one think I meant free drinks all the time!! Good Lord, I wish. It would have saved us ALOT of money! We went with friends and one night my hubby and his pal went a little wild and he spent over $120 in ONE night on drinks for them both!!! Needless to say, it sort of ruined the rest of my trip- I was mad at him after that, BUT some good came out of it! He swore off drinking for good since! So, It turned out great in the end...
The gala is mostly a gathering in the artrium where pictures are taken (including with the captain). A piano player plays nice music and unlimited drinks!

Our girls had a couple of Shirley Temples and we had Mai Tais. Waiters are constantly coming around with them.

It's very nice and busy. It's not a real entertaining kind of thing though but stop by!!!

Also, if you've cruised before you can be a Castaway Club member. You'll get a free gift (we got a DCL duffel bag and water bottle) in your room when you arrive and also invited to a special party with the captain and his officers. There, you'll get free drinks and appetizers. It was very nice! It was also neat to see how many returning cruisers there were on the boat.

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Captains Party or Gala on the Wonder?
Not sure, could someone let me know? Or just on the Magic:(
The Captain's Welcome Aboard Gala is on Sunday night, but the menu of the night is the Master Chef Series. The Captain's Gala menu is served on Thursday.


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