Captain Marvin's question


Earning My Ears
Apr 25, 2002
For any of you who have taken the Captain Marvin's snorkeling trip, the web site says that life vests are supplied. Does anyone remember what kind of life vests these are? Are they the inflatable snorkel vests or regular life vests? I am bringing my 5 year old daughter who wants to snorkel and was wondering whether I should take a life vest on the cruise to bring snorkeling (I don't think I'd feel comfortable having her swim with the inflatable kind).



SC Traveler --- I have spent most of my life fishi
Mar 25, 2001
e-mail Capt. Marvin and ask Ruth this question. She will reply quickly and give you the answer.

Tay N Evie's Mom

DIS Veteran
Jul 12, 2001
I would bring your own. We did Capt Marvins in May. Overall, we were happy with them and would use them again. The one thing I didn't like was they only had the regular orange life vests and they tied them around my 4 year old twins waists. They couldn't stay upright in the water and I wasn't able to snorkel because I had to hold them upright. At stingray city the water was only mid-chest high so we held them. Since the stingrays swim around you and brush up against you-probably hard enough to knock a 4-5 year old off their feet-I would recommend holding your child. It was one of the best experiences we ever had.


DIS Veteran
Jan 27, 2001
They had two sizes of the inflateables. They warned us you don't want to inflate them all the way; you will end up on your back. Our kids 7 and 9 did fine.

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