cancelled reservation with OTUP


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Dec 31, 2013
So, I bought 24 OTUP's to stay a night at WDW this summer in conjunction with a work trip. Then the trip got cancelled, after my boss swore that wasn't going to happen. Anyway, I knew however slim the chances of cancellation were, that it was still possible, so I had a backup plan for the points. I have a reservation already booked at VGC for this summer & figured I could have MS reallocate the points, so that those points are used in that reservation. MS had confirmed for me that once you cancel a OTUP reservation they basically turn into banked points with the same limitations, so I figured this wouldn't be a problem. With all this in mind, I cancelled that reservation earlier today online.

But, now I've decided that maybe I'll do a quick weekend trip in October to surprise my son with a Halloween party. Problem is, I'd like to try for something tomorrow morning, but the OTUP/banked/holding (or whatever they're called now) aren't showing anywhere on my account. Does anyone know if there is just a delay for them to show up after a cancellation, or can I only access them now with the help of MS?
I guess I have enough points to grab the 1st night if available. Then I could just call MS when they open & add the 2nd. Thank you so much for the help!
OTUPs are like transferred in points, you cannot see them in your online account. You have to call MS to use the points.



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